The "Gate Walls" monument is included among the 11 most endangered in Europe  

2024-01-30 12:59:00, Kulturë CNA

The "Gate Walls" monument is included among the 11 most endangered in

The archaeological monument "Gate Walls" in Durrës has been selected among the 11 most endangered monuments in Europe. This is the preliminary list of the "7 Most Endangered" program, which was announced by the organization "Europa Nostra" and the Institute of the European Investment Bank.

The "Gate Walls" monument is included among the 11 most endangered in

The "Gate Walls" monument is included in the preliminary list of this year's edition of the "7 Most Endangered" program, which was announced by the "European Voice of Civil Society Dedicated to Cultural and Natural Heritage", known as Europa Nostra, in cooperation with the Institute of the European Investment Bank (EIB).

"The selection was made on the basis of the outstanding importance for the heritage and cultural value of each monument, as well as the serious danger they face today," the press release read.

The Cultural Monument of the First Category "Gate Walls" in Porto-Romano Durrës, was included in the short list of the most endangered monuments in Europe, which will be reviewed and in April it is expected that the 7 final selections will be announced.

The proposal was submitted by the Amfora Center, represented by the young activist at "Europa Nostra", Heldi Kodra, as of September 30, 2023. The program selects 7 objects of cultural heritage in Europe that face risks of damage as a result of neglect or factors of others.

The "Gate Walls" monument is included among the 11 most endangered in

"The proposal aims to encourage state structures and European institutions to act in the field of culture, for the ancient monument that was partially destroyed and is in danger of disappearing", said the executive director of the Amfora Center, Geri Emiri.

"The symbolic part where the gate used to stand has been flattened during the works for the construction of the new hydrocarbon port, but a remaining tower, a line of the fortification wall can be saved and the recovery of the monument can be assessed", concluded the Emiri.

According to the press release of "Europa Nostra", at the meeting held on January 30, a list of 11 objects at risk was presented, among which the "Gate Walls" monument, the only monument from Albania, was presented.

"The selection is welcome news and marks a key and important step in the campaign to protect the monument. It can be considered as an assessment of the work and commitment of activists and civil society for the protection of cultural heritage", confessed the young activist of "Europa Nostra", Heldi Kodra.

"The nomination will give the monument an importance not only at the local level, but also at the European level. We hope that citizen awareness will increase and at the same time the legal and state mechanisms will be set in motion for the implementation of the law and why not, the restoration of the damaged part of the monument", he concluded.

The archaeological monument "Walls of the Gate" was partially destroyed and surrounded by the company "Porti MBM", which through a 2015 concession from the Parliament of Albania, carried out the works for the construction of the hydrocarbon port.

The executive president of Europa Nostra, Prof. Dr. Hermann Parzinger, stated during the meeting that the selected heritage monuments are threatened by collapse, inappropriate development, the devastating impact of natural disasters, neglect and lack of funding.

"Europe's heritage must be protected not only as evidence of our common past, but also as a catalyst for a sustainable, cohesive and peaceful future," he added.

The level of engagement of local communities, the commitment of the public and private stakeholders to protect these monuments were considered essential added values. Another selection criterion was the potential of these monuments to serve as catalysts for sustainable socio-economic development.

For the dean of the European Investment Bank Institute, Shiva Dustdar, cultural heritage is a key source of European identity, attractiveness and economic growth.

"We hope to see the monuments restored and protected for future generations," she said.

The "7 Most Endangered" program is part of the civil society campaign for the protection of Europe's endangered heritage. It raises awareness, prepares independent assessments and recommendations for action.

The application also received the support of the Art Kontakt Center, the Informal Group "Independent Cultural Scene" and the organization "GO2 Albania", as a case that violates the national identity, with the destruction of the only fortification north of Durrës.

Media Amfora discovered in December last year, that a chain of institutions of justice, culture and territory, failed to stop the illegal works for the construction of the port of hydrocarbons in Porto-Romano. While the Durrës Prosecutor's Office was investigating the possible damage to the ancient monument, it was destroyed by the concession company. 

"Europa Nostra" is the European voice of civil society dedicated to the preservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage. Recently, the "7 Most Endangered" program included the cultural monument bridge in Milot, known as the "Bird Bridge"./ CNA

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