He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq Vangjeli

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He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq

About 13 years ago, Vasillaq Vangjeli, the actor and comedian much loved by Albanians, died, but if he were alive today, the artist would be celebrating his 76th birthday.

Vasillaq Vangjeli stayed on stage for 45 years, giving an indelible wealth to cinematography and theater.

The actor was born on February 19, 1948 and passed away on September 26, 2011 after suffering from diabetes.

Vangjeli studied Medicine, but left school in the third year to enter the Higher Institute of Arts (1973-1975). After its completion, they took him to do the internship in the theater.

He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq

From the People's Theater he was transferred to the State Stage as a comedian and from 1976 to April 1, 2005 he was an actor and director in the stage and actor of the Tirana Stage. Under these conditions, he was active in the State Theater since 1967-1968, when Bujar Kapexhiu was the director. Vangjeli played over 100 roles in theater, cinematography and pop.

The journey of the Gospel in art

For about 45 years on stage, with fine intuition and admirable spontaneity, Vangjeli made for himself hundreds of thousands of spectators, thus becoming one of the most beloved artists for them, especially in the field of humor and the stage. He was among the most important artists of Tirana's Estrada, playing in almost all premieres. He is an actor with wide range, vocal, absolute ear, humorist, reciter.

He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq

Tragic-comic actor with great artistic qualities, intuition and deep insight into types and characters, these are some of the qualities of Vasillaq, who knows how to put them at the service of what he does with finesse. Humor is not given by school. It only develops you, directs you through innate gifts. And so it happens with Vasillaq. Humor is innate from birth.

In his early youth, as soon as he had finished the Academy of Arts for acting, the vicissitudes of work or appointment where he would work began. Formed boy full of desire. He wanted at all costs to start acting at the National Theatre, even more so they gave him a role in the drama "Lëvizja" directed by Pirro Mani, a role that he successfully performed. However, the party's opinion was that he should go to Estrada in Tirana, where they nominated him. The order was the order, despite the demands of the letters from the theater artists, who wanted to keep him in their collective. And Vasillaqi didn't want to go, but he couldn't beat himself without work. He was afraid that he would be buried in some lost cultural hearth, as revenge for disobeying the order. And so he ended up as an actor in the Estrada Theater of Tirana until the well-deserved end of the latter.

He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq

Estrada didn't like it at first, he worked reluctantly, without attention. Absence at work, low-quality roles. But it is this same artist who became so connected with pop music, with humor, instruments, parodies, that it cannot be explained anymore. Then Estrada became the place where he showed his talent and ethical values ??with all his creative energies, it became the place where he realized his acting dream. Their values ??are measured by the roles played, and they are not few. More than 100 roles created in pop, theater, cinematography, etc.

The films where Vangjeli played

The actor will be remembered for his roles as the son-in-law Koçi in "The Lady from the City", uncle Vaso in "Our Friend Tili", or for his roles in many other films such as "Dashi pa brire", "A Rooster in Qymez", "A braggart who is afraid of the cow's navel", "Scarecrow", "Don Quixote", "Bloody Earth", "Forest of Freedom", "When you are separated from your friends", "Poppies on the walls", "Radio station", "The stars above Drin", "Dream of a chair", "Postponed wedding", "We came from the war", "Small siege", etc.

He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq

Among the large number of roles, comedies can be mentioned: "Twelfth Night", "Three days of mourning", "Mimosa asked the heart", "Three bridegrooms", "Mirela", "A man with two women", "Divorce". , "The pleasure of the couch and the bed", "Six years pregnant", or the film comedies "The last hunt", "Alive or dead", "A day without work", "The big appetite", "The black bag" , "Tale of the Brave", "Kefllinjë", etc.

On the 60th anniversary, he went on stage with a role in the comedy of director Ervin Çuli, "HARVEY".

The well-known comedian, Vaso Vangjeli, was decorated with the first class "Naim Frashëri" order.

He stole the hearts of Albanians/ 76 years since the birth of the actor Vasillaq

Hostage before the escape

In 2005, when Estrada e Tirana was dissolved, Vasillaq Vangjeli was found unemployed. From time to time he participated in various private projects. He turned his house into a modest restaurant near the Madrasah, where friends and colleagues constantly went.

"This is not my job. I do it for fun because I take care of the children, but it's not work.

My hands are full of work. Because we are at the peak of artistic maturity. It's a very bad position... The desire I had when I left school to work at the People's Theater, I would like to realize now. I spent the last years there. I would like to make some pictures, which I could not, and retire peacefully. It doesn't matter what. But I love 3 real comedies. But we have life and health. I have not yet satisfied myself with art. I have unfulfilled roles", said the actor in one of his last appearances for the media, but he could not realize this dream.

However, the films and comedies continue to be seen and his humor still keeps Vasillaq Vangjeli close to us./ CNA

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