Passed away in Paris, Professor Doctor Vahe Mokini

2024-02-07 16:12:00, Kulturë CNA
Passed away in Paris, Professor Doctor Vahe Mokini
Vahe Mokini

He was a personality in his profession as a pediatrician and geneticist, with an extraordinary contribution to the field of Medical Genetics and the formation of new generations as a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine in Tirana and the Faculty of Medicine "La Sapienza" in Rome.

After specializing in 1983 in Medical Genetics at "La Sapienza" University Rome (Italy), student of one of the world eminences in the field of Medical Genetics, Prof. Bruno Dallapiccola, he became one of the founders of the Medical Genetics Service in Albania, which he directed for many years until 2017.

Prof. Mokini has made a special contribution to the development of Clinical Genetics in our country with the creation of the Genetic Consultant sector in the Medical Genetics Service for establishing the clinical diagnosis of genetic diseases and genetic counseling of families at risk.

Currently, this service has a complete database related to genetic diseases in Albania starting from 1984. It has served for years for genetic counseling of patients and their family members.

His contribution is remarkable not only in the creation of the Laboratory of Cytogenetics for the diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities and syndromes related to them, but also for his vision in search of the application of new methods in this laboratory as the requirements of the time.

In their absence, he was always helping patients and their families to carry out these genetic examinations and specialized consultations in centers of excellence abroad.

With his scientific training, he is among the geneticists with a special contribution in Albania. His teaching and academic career at the Faculty of Medicine is an asset in the field of Medical Genetics.

The lectures prepared by him for the students and specialists of the Faculty of Medicine were distinguished for a special professionalism and didacticism, perfect spelling and constant updating with the many new developments in the field of Medical Genetics.

He is the author and co-author of several books on Medical Genetics for students and specialists, author and co-author of dozens of articles in national and international journals, excellent supervisor of a number of doctorates and diplomas for students, valuable reviewer of several books, monographs and doctorates.

Added to this contribution is his activity as leader and participant in a series of projects with centers of excellence abroad for the study of the most frequent mutations in the Albanian population of Cystic Fibrosis (1990-92, 1994-97), β-Thalassemia (2009), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (2008-2010), etc. These studies were not only a help and support for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, but they created an important basis to continue with the establishment today of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in the Genetics Service in our country.

The clinical, biochemical and genetic studies and screenings that he directed or participated in for diseases such as Friedreich's Ataxia, Polycystic Kidney, Wilson's Disease, Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathy in Albania, are a valuable contribution to the Albanian population.

Prof. Mokin will be unforgettable as a value in Albanian medicine with a special contribution and vision in creating the foundations of Clinical Genetics and Cytogenetics in Albania.

His name will always be accompanied by respect and gratitude for everything he did to help patients and their families with the professionalism and humanity that characterized him, the formation of new generations, his scientific contribution to medicine and especially in the field of Medical Genetics , but also the love and appreciation of colleagues and friends for the wisdom, culture and citizenship that he offered./ CNA

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