Document - How the communist group of Korça accused Zai Fundo as a traitor

2024-02-04 19:11:00, Kulturë CNA
Document - How the communist group of Korça accused Zai Fundo as a
Zai Fundo

In the second issue of the bulletin "Përpara" of the group of the municipality of Korça in 1938, some orientations are given as to what their propaganda would be in the group's structures.

Among the 8 orders, the name of Zai Fundo (Llazar Fundo) stands out, he joined fascism.

This is the propaganda of the communist group of that time against Zai Fundo, a man who was one of the philosophers and idealists of the left who had been declared a traitor because Fundo had seen the horror of Stalin's crimes in Moscow and had been sentenced to death by Comintern after the clashes between Stalin and Broz.

The document says that Zai Fundo had betrayed fascism, in fact, a year later in May 1939, Zai Fundo was arrested by the fascist militia and exiled for 5 years in Ventotene.

Document - How the communist group of Korça accused Zai Fundo as a

So time was late but he did not forget to overthrow the communist propaganda that Zai Fundo had betrayed them with the fascists as the latter had arrested him as a communist while the propagandists partly betrayed on the road and partly became the persecutors of the Albanians.

Another thesis that refutes this document and the propaganda of the time is the dictator Enver Hoxha himself, who in the work "Kur Lindi partia" and in the work "23", states that he last saw Zai Fundon on April 7, 1939 when in front of the Municipality of Korça, in a speech full of pathos, he asked for weapons to fight fascism.

So, Zai Fundo, the man who wanted to fight fascism with weapons, the man who was arrested and exiled by the first fascist people in Albania, according to the document that we publish, it was said that the communist group of Korça had betrayed him with fascism.

In fact, Zai Fundo was a communist who then turned into a social-democratic philosopher who was shot by the communists on the order given by Enver Hoxha to the brigade of 5 attackers who executed Zai Fundo nw September 30, 1944, as a traitor of communism.

Fundo's only betrayal towards the communists was that he did not join the Stalinist criminal line and in exile in Ventotene he was one of the signatories of "Il manifesto del Ventotene", which is the first foundation stone for today's united Europe, an idea written and signed by Llazar Fundo, by Alterio Spinelli, who is called Il Padre del Europa, the former former President of Italy, Sandro Pertini and several Albanian intellectual icons among them Zef Malaj and others.

For Enver Hoxha's communists, the intellectual Llazar Fundo had betrayed fascism. The fascists arrested and exiled him. After the capitulation of Italy, Llazar Fundo returned to Albania and was executed without trial by order of Enver Hoxha.

A story as tragic as it is significant for the fact that it shows how propaganda attacked, hit and blackened simply and only to hit the intellectuals and for internal political war.

In Llazar Fundo's will before the shooting, it is said: " Communism, which we idealized as Christ, surpasses even the devil in terms of wickedness. I was a communist, but I will never die like that."

The communist devil with the evils of the time had declared him a traitor to the fascists, they declared him an enemy as a communist, in the end he was shot by the sons of the doctrine that Fundo had idealized./ CNA

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