There is no news today...

2024-02-10 15:02:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

There is no news today...

What today is thought unimaginable, - a day without news happened once, somewhere not far from us.

If we turn the hands of the clock back and stop: on March 15, 1857; day and sunday; holidays. The readers of a newspaper happened before a miracle.

On the front page of the Italian newspaper "Risorgimento" only one sentence appeared: "Today we have no news of value that deserves your attention."

There is no news today...

This sentence was the news of the day.

Unlike today, then, the lack of news was cause for celebration rather than despair.

Today it is easier to believe that you will leave Elon Musk behind in the ranking of the richest people on the planet, than to have a day without "scandals", a day without "confessions", a day without "accidents". a day without "explosions", a day without "rumors", a day without "spectacle", a day without "investigations". This day seems like a "heaven" day on earth. A day that even a priest, no hodge and even no leader dares to promise today!

In today's chaos where news is everything; from the "war in Ukraine" to the "bombs" exploding on the network from photos of models/moderators, from the sighs of politicians to the snoring of dogs watching television, a day without news seems like ... the end of the world. An end more terrible than the ominous predictions of conspiracy theorists.

A typical day off (Saturday or Sunday) starts with drinking coffee and consuming the latest "news" on the screen:

"Breaking news": bicycle accident in Lushnja!

Breaking News: Tornadoes in Honolulu.

Main title: List of damages…

FLASH: Mbappe's future is decided today.

Bomb explodes: Tiger threatens...

The network explodes from the back of ....

In the era of instant communication where everyone is a volunteer journalist, the impossible cannot be imagined: a quiet day. The tsunami raised over coffee cups in television studios produces raw material for social networks and soul food for bars and cafes. It's the day when you have to see "live" the MPs going to work, the VIPs in Big Brother sleeping, the cars in traffic and the birds on the cable car.

Once upon a time, the most important news was announced by the tellalli, today everyone with a mobile phone in their hand gives important announcements such as what they are eating, what they are cooking, how they cut their nails, how they should wash their eyes and most importantly how they should wipe their hands and how and what to feed the cat.

Once upon a time, people watched educational programs on television, today the macabre, the black chronicle and the banalities have turned what was once called television into a terror-vision.

In this great pavilion of stupidity where news is all that the eyeball can see and much that the eyeball can see, an hour without the Internet is not seen as 60 minutes worth living, but as a warning that the end of the world is ahead. .

167 years ago, the newspaper "Ringjallja" reassured its readers with the announcement that nothing worthy of their attention had happened.

Today, the battle for attention has left behind the battle to conquer other countries or planets.

How times have changed! In fact, time has not changed. It is what it was. We have changed. Or rather, our tastes have changed.

You can imagine, at this moment, what a person can do a day without "news". It is very likely that he will start to become primitive, talk to people, enjoy coffee and nature, and far from moving into less dignified activities like reading a book or just thinking about something or someone...

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