Instead of an opinion for today... of the Pulpit and Renaissance!

2024-01-28 22:01:00, Opinione Muharrem Meko
Instead of an opinion for today... of the Pulpit and Renaissance!
Edi Rama and Sali Berisha

Even yesterday, almost like a month in a row, "non-grata" continues the ritual... with the same melody and endless accusations; without any argument... curse to curse!

They also listen to the avaz from time to time; - O Sali, O hero...

They are a handful of idealists who, out of habit, go in the middle of this cold, so as not to leave it alone!

I'm saying... in mine that is: - you tired people a lot, Bac!

It has become a kind of habit for me now; when I can't fall asleep, I occasionally glance at the cell phone that I keep next to the nightstand...!

... well, last night, as never before, I see that a "badass" insult arrived in my msn... from a "protestor" of the pulpit; - but from whom, you would say!

It seemed to me that the author belonged to him, that even though I look at him from time to time under the balcony, I still "justify" him... even, even, I even admire the person in question for his intellectual format!

I laughed to myself... and so in the dark, I was saying under my breath; - did he have time to read me..?!

To be honest I gave him the right; - I had violated it... especially with that flag of irony used without criteria!

Just under the light of the cell phone itself I made some small corrections, formulated and sent him a reply!

... but it turned out that the "pultorist" who was not satisfied... until there from 9 o'clock in the morning, I saw his name appear on my cell phone!

In order not to disturb my wife, I went from the other room without letting him start, I started first;

- Sorry - I say, but you don't like such banalities!

- Why should they go to you, answered the Professor on the spot...

- Sorry, I'm telling you... me again!

In fact, I have considered it disgusting and have always avoided hysterical screams or worthless debates, especially in contact with prominent intellectuals and individuals; on the contrary, I release "pe" consciously, convinced that with this category you quickly find the language...

- Why so harsh with us? - he tells me, among other things, while if I knew, that this would be one of his questions, for me...

I answer very honestly...

- I am, because not only me, but all Albanians love the DP, as a whole, not in pieces... while that idol of yours today seeks to save his skin in its name, not because it hurts!

... and I continued; - I got you, dear Professor, you don't want to understand that SPAK, does not receive any orders and will not even know about it anymore, but considers it as the real author of the catastrophic state of DP - and her, black and black in our country... !

I immediately decided to remove the status; for truth's sake, there were excesses... like something unethical!

And whether they believe me or not... but I love the PD, all of it; because this is for the benefit of Albania!

The reason for which I have reacted and will react without lines, as long as the cause of all evil, from the balcony of the palace, plays the role of the saint..., even though he has torn apart his creature as much as possible former

... his creature, or his property;... come on, filled the minds of those below the balcony... a handful of right-wing idealists, who strangely continue to look to him, the deliverer and not the cause of their pain!

Today, I reacted somewhat "gently" to the Renaissance, but... "...wait guys, wait, because you haven't seen anything yet..."!

- And you know why? - Because "pink" has been and remains my pain...!

- like thousands of others, I have invested in it since its beginnings, without any reserve... right there, in that occupied building, currently by people who have no sensitivity towards it!

Because I felt the danger of the evil that was coming, I saw and reacted since the first days of the formation of the Rama government; in close circles or even in the press at the time... evidence is a series of articles in "SOT", "TEMA", "TELEGRAF", on social networks, etc.

...even though I was medemek "part" of the administration!

Unfortunately, I was not wrong and I reconfirm with full right that; - what the renaissance has done and is doing to the "human resources" in Albania, even to the SP in the first place, not even God has done to them!

A real horror; take the rank of deputy... take the rank of director... take the rank of minister... etc., etc.!

- The end?

- more than a fatality!

Dozens of directors, ministers, mayors, important officials of the state administration who are already keeping their ears up, for fear of SPAK!

Anyone who has been a sportsman or even a die-hard fan knows well that, when in a "team" the affairs take over, there is no more; the responsibility is personal... but the coach is gone!

Note; - ah, what has that closure of ZP done to us, to me... and RD, to you, Elvi Fundo...!

They closed them, because they did not want to face the voice of real socialists and democrats!

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