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Even an Albanian prime minister in the region

2024-01-28 14:24:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

Even an Albanian prime minister in the region

Web pages are filled with all kinds of headlines. The machine started working. Although there is no executive order other than the fact to prepare the early elections for the month of May 2024, the Albanian propaganda has started the storm. 

Major headlines that we have "Another Albanian prime minister in the region". "North Macedonia for the first time with an Albanian prime minister". "The Albanian factor is strengthened". "Historical, the Albanian Prime Minister is elected in North Macedonia" etc. So that we can say some things out loud, and even shout at the Twitter statutes of our KM, as suggested by the leader Ali Ahmeti, who produced statesmen.

This government is a structure that the Macedonian government needs for a pair of elections, that's all. But at least they followed some apparently democratic stages, which the Albanian government or an Albanian political force like Rilindja and Edi Rama do not even think about. What are these apparent stages..., or legal processes in a normal democracy. Zoran Zaevi resigned in 2021 (October) after losing local elections and failing to open negotiations with Europe. Yes, we in Albania do not hold elections.

And as a result, we do not recognize any kind of withdrawal, resignation or opening of arms. They even do polls and brag about it. Zaev and his party went through several strong shocks, especially after the withdrawal of the Besa movement. And Zaev took political responsibility. In our country, political responsibilities are not recognized, they are inside the head of every Albanian citizen on the boulevard of the pyramid, but in the context of an atomic power, not the context of circulation.

She doesn't even have a husband to remind her. Zaev had announced his withdrawal in time due to the circumstances with Europe, although he reached a great agreement with Greece regarding the Constitutional Name of the country, but North Macedonia was not given the green light to open negotiations. This is how a normal politician takes political responsibility. Whereas in renaissance Albania, the statesmen of the boulevard of the pyramid, do not receive any kind of admonition, even from 2020 onwards, the Albanians are being led in chorus by Edi Rama, through statutes on FB, Twitter, Podacaste or RamaTv to curse him in chorus, whom ?

Europe, the world, etc. Holland didn't want a turn. Where the Netherlands has it. Another time, Macron didn't want to have France. He didn't want Germany, where Germany should be. Now Greece does not want, where Greece has it. That's what we did even when Enveri told us. Tito doesn't want us, where is Yugoslavia? Soviet Union, China, etc. And the other one who amazed our prime minister so much, this Ali Ahmeti produced statesmen. Maybe. while Edi Rama produces fugitives and prisoners, produces inert materials for Spak.

The mayor did not have a foot left without fleeing, the minister and even his deputy, but he never took political responsibility. He came out and said that they eat pears and apples behind me, etc. As for Ali Ahmetin, he has been in power all his life both with the left and with the right, as much as the Albanian factor in North Macedonia has some 5 parties, which only poke each other's eyes out.

If it were only one, they could secure a higher number of deputies in the assembly. But this does not happen with us Albanians, with Slavs, Greeks, Latins. Put us out of your mind. Simply put, do not eat this plastic propaganda fodder of the Albanian government. This prime minister without power is only a technical cen for new elections, a notion that Edi Rama's head does not accept as long as it has breath./ CNA

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