The troubles of Gaz Bardhi, Salianji and Jorida

2024-01-24 20:30:00, Opinione Mero Baze

The troubles of Gaz Bardhi, Salianji and Jorida

The opposition deputies united around Gazment Bardhi, it seems that the only thing in common with Berisha's deputies who have united around Flamur Noka, is where they meet in the meeting hall. Then everything else they have in mind or say is different.

For the sake of the truth, it must be said that Flamur Noka is much clearer than Gazment Bardhi in his positions, as he wants the group to unite around Sali Berisha and the cause of that one in the alley.

As he said today when the meeting ended, "the real parliament is at "Rugica e Spresa"."

This means that if you want to be united, come join Sali Berisha. Anything else is not accepted.

And this is a very clear and very understandable political language for every oppositionist, agree or disagree.

On the other hand, in the group of deputies who follow Gazment Bardhi, there is no political language, but political and personal problems of one or the other.

So for Gazment Bardhin, the main problem is not "Rrugica e Sala", but the place of the co-chairman of the Reform Commission. In other words, he will not be at Sali's side, but at Damian's side. For him, that's the place of dreams at the moment.

For Salianj, the opposition tones should be softened until the amnesty is approved, to get rid of the trial that has not ended for three years. For this reason, he was careful to say that there are other democrats convicted for protests, who could benefit.

Other voices within them have quite different ideas. Someone is for radicalism and greater political action, which I don't know what it means, apart from the seizure of weapons, that they are currently fighting with fake bombs in Parliament.

Others say that we should calm him down once and for all, that we don't have any more support, that we are not getting anything out of the war.

Mrs. Tabaku, as the most institutionalist, is of the principle that the battle must be fought in every parliamentary position that the opposition has and brings the example of the evidence that the Commission of Inquiry had for the incinerators.

The rest comes in and out of the meeting without understanding anything.

So in all that parliamentary group that claims to be the majority, the only clear thing is Flamur Noka, who is in the minority, and says that the union takes place only in "Rrugica e Sala".

The others no longer have a political agenda but a personal agenda, and they go there like those Albanian workers every morning in "Omonia" square, to find a job, or to solve a problem.

And their only big trouble, Sali Berisha, the one for whom they are divided to pieces, now they want to ignore him as if he doesn't exist, in the hope that in this way they can take a piece of his power.

But the problem they have is that Sali Berisha's watchdog, Flamuri, is clearer than them. His clarity comes from the clear relationship he has with Sali Berisha and his contact with him.

And to be part of a group of deputies, where the most obvious is the Flag, the most you can achieve is to become a subordinate of the Flag. If only Flaguri accepts you!

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