Who is the active corrupt in the "McGonigal" case?

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Who is the active corrupt in the "McGonigal" case?
Charles McGonigal, former senior FBI official

The case of McGonigal, the affair of the former high official of the FBI, has returned to politics and the Albanian media, it is discussed in the studio, it is reported in the media.

Yesterday at "Syri TV", in the studio of Çim Peka, his girlfriend appeared, who listed a series of accusations. In fact, beyond the media, political debate or hype about Mrs. Allison Guerrero, there is a great truth.

Her testimonies simply and only started to be as an indication for the investigation, that is, as suspicions to proceed further and then her testimonies were not accepted, but the FBI proceeded with its investigations. These belong to history, because, in fact, there is already an indictment, there is a claim given by the US Attorney's Office, which calls for 50 months in prison and a hefty fine for Agent McGonigal in connection with the Albania case.

According to what VOA reported to us yesterday and Agron Neza, who is the man who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to McGonigal, who became an associate of justice and had confessed to the FBI everything he claims, everything they had requested as information. 

Additionally, Dorian Ducka, Person B, who was in the original indictment, is also said to have turned over the phones, computers and initial communications they had and everything they did with McGonigal.

Who is the active corrupt in the "McGonigal" case?
Photomontage - Prime Minister Edi Rama, Charles McGonigal, Dorian Ducka and Agron Neza

On the other hand, it is our Prime Minister, Mr. Rama, who has said that he has a friend, he met McGonigal, he waited for him, and on the other hand, it is McGonigal in the Albanian territory, his movements, entrances and exits or decisions of the government for the oil fields and so on that go to the former minister Damian Gjiknuri.

The issue already has a lot of political debate, a lot of journalistic theses, but no one deals with the essence, the essence is only one.

According to the 19-page claim that CNA has published, it is said by the US prosecutors that there is corruption of McGonigal with the government, on behalf of the Albanian government, which have not advanced against the interests of the US, but have been political interests, the Democratic Party is also mentioned. 

If McGonigal is being accused of corruption, according to the claim of the US prosecutors, in this case he is the passive person. The question is very simple:

Who is the active agent in the McGonigal corruption? He did not do the corruption himself.

McGonigal couldn't do the corruption himself because he needed another party to provide the money. 

Without further ado, the McGonigal subordinate had started the investigation into lobbyist Nick Muzin, then the investigation was stopped after McGonigal left office, and so on. The recurring question is one and only one:

Who is the active person in the corruption issue?

Is Agron Neza enough?

If Agron Neza was active, there would be problems for the USA, he would have been arrested in the USA.

Who is the active corrupt in the "McGonigal" case?
Agron Neza and Charles McGonigal

Although like McGonigal, who has become an associate of justice and will do prison, maybe Agron Neza and Dorian Ducka, becoming associates of American justice, tomorrow may have more in-depth investigations than the case will take many years to close and the consequences are unknown. They are legal, they have got their lawyers and the case is being investigated in the US. 

But it should also be investigated in Albania. Who is the active person of McGonigal's corruption, after Agron Neza has given some money, someone else has benefited some oil fields. For someone else's interest, McGonigal acted in connection with corruption, so it seems that Nick Muzin was investigated against the opposition and so on. 

Who is or are the persons active in McGonigal's corruption?

This is the discussion, this is the question, since McGonigal did not do the corruption himself, there was another party, those who went and corrupted him and then paid him to do actions for the interests of the Albanian government, as the prosecution says of the USA. 

Who bribed McGonigal? 

This is not a 1 million dollar question, because the US prosecution says on behalf of the Albanian government. 

SPAK must now find out who bribed McGonigal and bear responsibility before Albania's justice system./ CNA 

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