Robots in hospitals

2024-01-26 21:22:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Robots in hospitals
Ilir Levonja

In the near future, operations in hospitals will be performed by robots. The prime minister is working hard for this. Those students who want to run away, take the evil from us. Let's just say a few things, whether you are listening, how come you don't want to vomit because those who run away are your children, not Edi Rama's.

In a bad health, without infrastructure as if the possible minimization of those in the surrounding countries, which has almost been the absolute failure of all post-dictatorship governments, now there are also shortcomings of the bullying of the prime minister.

In an environment that has not yet been disinfected by the breath of the hand in the pocket, the open drawer, go get the medicine from so-and-so..., there is no minimum ratio between the citizen's income and health, moreover, it has been and remains a gold mine for the checks-up laws..., there were also Edi Rama's robots.

After he brought the satellites that God knows what they need for Hasan and Merusha there in ?erma by the river Shkumbim, parents left suddenly, with land and without land, with a house and without a house, etc.

Let's not go higher, in the areas where the roads have not yet been opened. Or full of others in prefabricated buildings, a voluntary contribution of monism, etc., where the heat is telekos in the summer and the fraqi is in the winter.

He talked about satellites, and you, open mouthed by the televisions that pay the toads abroad, applaud him. He talks about robots in hospitals and you, who have not left a body organ unscathed, with friends, with dry papers under your hand, and about circumcision, but from the toads, you applaud him. Or maybe you dream about how robots are behaving in the lobby and you don't have to put your hand in your pocket anymore. You don't have to flip your phone up and down to find your friend.

Hospitals will be light and mirror full of quality services, thanks to Edi Rama. By God be you who believe. His spirit or his ideology today is murderous for Albania.

Seen coldly, there is a chaos of currents where Albanians look like flocks. So that one day don't be surprised when they put a license plate in your ear, where the series of numbers so and so belongs to this one or that one. And the author of this chaos is exactly the one who promises satellites and robots to one of the most violent peoples in history.

Never did two men appear among us to change that standard of ruling into a spirit to rule. Why we have conceived to the bone the desire to defeat each other, to rule, to use all methods or ways even by law.

There were not two people who brought the culture of rotation, of opening the wing, of circulation, but as always such that even though they kill in cold blood they say that we are right. God help Albania.

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