The two centers and civic apathy

2024-02-02 22:37:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
The two centers and civic apathy
Ilir Levonja

I thought that after what the former Albanian deputy prime minister said, Albania would all be on the road. But this did not happen, moreover when you look at how the televisions talk about other things, the newspapers also, even a bunch of supposedly opposition commentators, complain with pain that Ben didn't say anything, etc., it seems strange.

Even the silence that kills the most is the one that comes from the government and the municipality of Tirana, the two centers. They don't talk, no one asks them, no one asks for explanations.

No justice, no press, no citizens. In a country where there is no accountability, there is no democracy. He said a lot, moreover the tax washed from your money in relation to televisions, the property robbed in the middle of the day in the port of Durrës and above all the concrete names of the real owner of the incinerators seen as the financier of the renaissance campaigns.

He spoke for so long that everything is scary about the killing of Albanian justice, he mentioned Robespierre's methods, perhaps even with the desire that these mafia "revolutionaries" have his end. And above all, it openly witnessed the great war within the walls of the Empire. The war within the species. She has just begun. And perhaps other penitents will have the courage to remove the yoke of the scapegoat from themselves.

They are already many and maybe from inside the walls of the cells where they are sacrificing that steel unity around one, let's hope they have the courage to speak, as they need the purity of the image for their children. Sometimes they wake up and realize that the political follies of the emperors are a career disaster and that the wealth gained through crime and theft is not a nutritious morsel for grandchildren. Perhaps this will be the greatest service to the country and not to one who with mafioso complacency, after cutting ribbons of inaugurations, they die in prisons under the pretext of charlatans that they are filling the baskets behind his back with pears and apples.

But in our Albania, nobody reacts. There is a steppe within the grouping of this or that to the point that no one will know about the country. Students protest, no one will know. Biles parade in front of the protesters with eyes and ears and say, "what do I need?" The streets of Germany, France, Belgium, Lithuania have been occupied by heavy workers, Albanian farmers are protesting on foot, even worse, no one cares, although Europe cut off all investment precisely because of high corruption, but no one joins no one.

Hang on to that tepid sorcerer's wish, take it, and enjoy what he had to say about it so that you have material when you consume your dinner coffees. This is a murderous social passivity, which if France possessed, it would no longer be France, if Germany possessed it, it would no longer be Germany. This is also the case in America.

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