5 questions for Bujar Kapexhiu

2024-01-30 19:52:00, Opinione Agim Xhafka

5 questions for Bujar Kapexhiu

1- Now even the state hospitals were made with lek. What is left free for us?

- For us family members, only sleeping with the wife is left.

2-Berisha under house arrest without any evidence. It seems that they found something, will they release him?

- You, my friend, confuse the word "FOUND" with the word "MADE". We continue the alla-SPAK logic, so if they fabricated any evidence, they will release him because today according to the rule, for people who have criminal evidence, they are released, not arrested.

3-The Tirana-Durres highway will be tolled. And when we go from the kitchen to the bathroom, will we pay?

-Until the bathroom, KESH is free, but the rest is done with clearing. What you get in the kitchen, you will exchange in the bathroom.

4-What happens if the government does not reduce pensions this year?

-According to the experience so far, we will call this failure of the government a big failure and the next success that this government wins the elections only by reducing pensions and salaries.

5-The population registration was completed, but the result is not coming out. Why?

-Wait more! How impatient you are. The result comes out in September, including tourists during the summer season. The statistics must be accurate and true, this is what the government constantly orders.

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