Kiko, letter of complaint to EBRD

2024-01-31 20:35:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

Kiko, letter of complaint to EBRD

Albanians are not the most unhappy!

Shocked by the news of an EBRD survey according to which Albanians, from the happiest people in 2006, are the least satisfied with life in 2023, the monkey Kiko wrote a long letter to the EBRD and for the information of the World Bank, the UN , NATO and for the information of the EU.

Dear Director,

The results of your survey about the happiness of people in the Southeast European region not only distort reality, but have also aroused deep indignation among the population, especially in Albania.

You can adjust the numbers however you like, but the facts are the facts. For your information, Albania welcomed 10 million tourists last year alone. Albania has increased the salaries of MPs and officials. And where are people happier than those who see their public servants satisfied?! The leku, the Albanian currency, has crushed the euro, drowned the dollar and crushed the British pound. The import of bananas from Latin America has increased 100 times compared to 2006.

How can Albanians be unhappy when they live in a country with 300 days of sunshine and a government that wakes up and sleeps only thinking about the public good?!

Do you see the African immigrants who no longer want to go to Lampedusa in Italy, but to Gjader in Lezha?

What about the Italian pensioners who have come to grow old in Albania?

Not delving into the causes that led to the ranking you made public disrespects you as an institution and offends the logic of both humans and artificial intelligence.

First, you must understand that Albanians are not like other peoples who sink into their shell and do not want to know what is happening around them. For historical reasons, Albanians are sensitive to injustices and do not sleep over everything that happens in the world.

It is true that in 2006 they were the happiest people in the region, but during these 17 years many unpleasant things happened. And don't forget Albanians still haven't gotten over the grief and suffering for the war in Ukraine. They have not yet dried their tears for the bloody conflict that follows in Gaza, and they are still not sleeping comfortably about the dangers posed to humanity by Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, during these last 10 years, one million happy Albanians left their homeland only to increase the happiness index in depressed countries such as Germany, England, Italy, Greece. You cannot deny this continental contribution of the Albanians with your polls, which are not clear to us as to who finances them.

In the report you say (without elaborating) that the happiness of the Greeks has doubled. If you investigate a little, you will see the major contribution of Albanians to the happiness of Greece.

If you are not convinced of the happiness that Albanians are experiencing in Albania, it means that you do not watch the television news that faithfully reflects reality. In the news here I see only achievements, successes and miracles. I don't know where those who did the survey saw the news, but it is certain that they were not informed in Albania.

You may not find smiling people in the streets and squares, but the reason has nothing to do with the situation in Albania, but with the emotional turmoil that democracy is going through in the Euro-Atlantic countries.

Things are going so well in this country that the Prime Minister spends most of his time with the troubles of the region, the EU and the globe.

Awaiting eventual happiness index corrections

Without much respect for your work

Kiko the monkey.

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