Ahmetaj's interview, the "alterego" or other self of the leader against the leader!

2024-02-05 11:26:00, Opinione Irena Beqiraj
Ahmetaj's interview, the "alterego" or other self of the leader
Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Irena Beqiraj

The interview of the former most important person in the government after the prime minister, who according to the definition made by the head of the government himself has been his closest collaborator in these 10 years of government, has been evaluated and commented on in different ways.

It was considered by some as revenge, by many others as "defense by attacking", by some as a tactical move to avoid extradition.

For some he said a lot, for others nothing.

While from the point of view of a person like me who for some time tried to navigate even "survive" professionally near them, that interview can be defined as the "alterego" or "other self" of the Leader against the Leader!

Napoleon once said "A Leader is a Dealer in Hope" or "A leader is one who sells hope". The words "leader" and "dealer" which in English are "Leader and Dealer" contain the same letters, but in governance and politics they can be images that easily replace each other and can easily be considered as "alteregos" of each other. In other words "the other self".

For a leader to lead others by making hope "sticky" or turning it into a mass phenomenon, he must first negotiate fairly with his own abilities, limitations, sacrifices, insecurities, even ambitions. When he fails to negotiate and accept himself, the leader negotiates for power with everything else around him, until his "other self" becomes the "unscrupulous merchant".

For the "merchant without scruples" everything is a commodity, starting from people, attitudes, relationships, promises, dreams, aspirations to the Motherland. He sells empty promises to secure himself a commitment; sells fear to secure himself; sells false dreams to secure what he aspires or desires. He sells every man able to buy "obedient slaves"; sell favors to secure loyalty; sells public interests to media owners, buying humiliating television shows for those "disobedient to him". He easily sells the sea, the land, the air without any procedure to lobbyists, local and international investors or to anyone else who provides protection for his interests.

In order for the leader's image to appear intact in public, his other self "that is, the merchant" is projected onto a small group of people in his inner circle. Today that I manage to judge calmly, without emotion and away from any subjective personal relationship, the people in the Prime Minister's closest circle are and have never been anything but each other's alter egos. Even with a little attention, you understand that in every attitude, action or word, the qualities of the center of that circle, of the Prime Minister, radiated and radiate!

Therefore, in that television interview, it was not simply "an accomplice", but the chosen one of the Prime Minister, where he saw his alter ego projected in 10 years. It was not Ahmetaj against Rama, but Rama's other self who publicly accused Rama.

In an effort to "wash his hands" or distance himself from the "Other Self" in the hope that silence will serve to relativize the accusations, the Prime Minister is prolonging the agony of his chapter and the most unworthy separation from power.

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