NATO/USA exercises beyond the Bolshevik cacophony!

2024-02-05 15:26:00, Opinione Piro Ahmetaj

NATO/USA exercises beyond the Bolshevik cacophony!

Of course, I followed with increased interest the confirmation of the start of the NATO exercise: "Steadfast Defender 2024" which will last until May 2024. In the capacity of "Expert for National Security, the Region and NATO", In the following I present a summary of the geostrategic messages as well as the political cacophony surrounding this major event in the history of the Alliance: 

First, the goal or the geopolitical message of the "SD-2024" exercise: "to test, compact and improve NATO's military power to discourage (deterrence), confront and defeat potential enemy attacks on the territorial integrity of 31 member countries and to the interests of the Transatlantic Alliance"!  

While the goal and strategic message of "Steadfast Defender 2024": "to demonstrate the invincible military power, including NATO's maneuvering capabilities to rapidly deploy forces from North America and 29 European countries as well as to improve the interoperability of troops on the battlefield ", under the motto: "united we remain invincible". 

Likewise, the objective/operational message of this exercise: "to certify the execution of the defense plans that NATO has prepared/planned in the last three decades". Although in the statement of the Supreme Commander of NATO, at the same time also of the American Forces in Europe, General with 4 stars, Christopher Cavoli, perhaps for "diplomatic caution" Russia - Putinist is not mentioned, but he underlined that: "this exercise will take place on a simulated scenario of developing conflict with a nearby adversary, thus responding to an attack by potential enemies”. While, it must be said that after the neo-Nazi attack on the sovereignty of Ukraine, there is no longer any secret that in NATO's strategic plans, Putinist Russia is (itself) identified as: "the serious threat to the global security order, so territorial integrity of the 31 members as well as the geopolitical interests of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance".  

More specifically, "Steadfast Defender 2024" will involve hundreds of combat and support units from 31 NATO member countries, including Sweden (which is only waiting for Ankara's signature). The center of gravity of this exercise will be the Baltic countries as well as those on the front line, which are seen as the most vulnerable to a military attack by Russia, while the key weight for support will be maintained by Germany and the countries at the edges of the alliance such as Norway and Romania .

In this training will be engaged: "around 90,000 troops; over 50 strategic naval assets, including aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, etc.; over 80 air capacities such as F-35, etc. combat aircraft from USA, UK, Norway, Finland, Spain, Poland, Hungary; Combat helicopters and drones; at least 1,100 combat vehicles, including 166 tanks, 417 armored personnel carriers (APCs) as well as 533 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), etc.”! 

In summary of the above, we can say that "Steadfast Defender 2024" is a strong message not only of the strength of the cohesion of the member countries and of the determination of the Alliance: "to support martyred Ukraine without any compromise until its victory towards Russia, but also a demonstration of invincible military power in defense of the territorial integrity of the 31 member countries as well as the geopolitical interests of the Transatlantic Alliance (US/NATO/UK)".  

Secondly, despite the significant amount of troops and equipment, the number of participating countries and the geographical extent, the "Steadfast Defender 2024" exercise is not the largest conducted by NATO after the 90s (cold war). Because of the truth, we have to awaken the strategic memory that: "the biggest exercise in the history of the Alliance after the 90s remains "Reforger - 1988 with 125,000 troops", which preceded (perhaps by coincidence...), the first NATO's victorious war, that is, the air campaign for the liberation of Kosovo in the first six months of 1999! 

Based on this fact, I add that NATO's large exercises and activities, whether at the regional or national level, are never planned or developed based on the political interests of the day. So they are not developed either to keep "with military demonstrations" a political group (Party) in government, nor to donate (with the power of displaying weapons) political rotation of power; neither to arrest corrupt officials (as lawyer Ngjela boasted in April 2021!) nor to feed the geopolitical scumbags of omniscient commentators in the 31 NATO countries. Thus, as one "among the humble witnesses of strategic planning in SHAPE/NATO" I can confirm that: "large NATO exercises are planned and developed only on the basis of strategic weighing of potential risks as well as the need for the development of operational capabilities to fulfill the mission of collective defense (article 5)".   

To put it even more directly, "Steadfast Defender 2024 has nothing to do with any global conspiracy; nor with the campaign of President Biden or the rival Trump in the USA; nor with the elections or any agenda of the political protagonists in the 31 member countries of NATO". This is because the planning colleagues at the NATO Supreme Command (SHAPE) build the exercise scenarios: "only for the collective defense against threats to the territorial integrity of NATO" and for no reason can interfere in internal problems of member countries!

However, "Steadfast Defender 2024" is a military exercise mainly of the American, Canadian and 29 European NATO countries. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that all NATO countries, including RS, self-proclaim the USA as a strategic partner! This is because beyond "electoral propaganda", when it comes to the USA, all European governments recognize that: "The USA holds critical weight for security, while the strengthening of transatlantic ties remains of vital importance for NATO"! 

Thirdly, we bring to the strategic attention that, with the exception of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, etc. participate in this exercise. Therefore, looking at it regionally, this exercise will serve, perhaps "not just by chance" as a demonstration of the incomparable power of the USA/NATO against the Kremlin's geopolitical ambitions and threats in the Western Balkan region as well as the countries of Southern Europe. eastern. 

Therefore, this exercise will also serve as a message from the US/NATO military power to Belgrade: "not to continue to be (mis)used for Moscow's interests in the Region; not to arm Serbia to the teeth (with Mig29, missiles and recently with Russian Drones);
not to inspire Dodik-type radicals in Bosnia as well as Criminal Groups in the North of Kosovo, etc.

Said even more briefly: "Serbia should not threaten with military aggression against the territorial integrity of Kosovo; the geopolitical status-quo as well as the USA/NATO investment for peace, stability and the Euro-Atlantic agenda of the Western Balkan Region"!
Said in the operational dimension, this exercise will also serve as a confirmation of the constant message that the USA and NATO have conveyed to Serbia since June 1999: "a military aggression against the sovereignty of Kosovo will also be considered as an attack on KFOR troops. it/NATO"! 

Therefore, I hope that this exercise will also serve as a message for the countries of the Balkans, so that long-term peace and stability: "they will not forever base it as a gift with the presence and major activities of NATO", but they will have to pre-condition the development of Mutual Confidence Measures, through which Official Belgrade "imposes" that: (1) it will maintain the balance of offensive military power (such as Mig-29, Pantsir-S missiles, Russian Helicopters, Tanks and Drones ) up to the level that does not threaten the territorial integrity of any of the countries (including the Republic of Kosovo); (2); and will not establish military installations and activities (20 km air distance and 5 land), on state borders between cross-border countries. Furthermore, these weighty conditions must be monitored by NATO, which remains a critical factor for the peace and integration of the 6 countries of the Western Balkans. 

Likewise, the presence of KFOR, "Steadfast Defender 2024" as well as dozens of NATO activities in the Region, are more reasons for the Balkan countries, so that peace is not misused or threatened by Moscow or the electoral agendas of local leaders. However, I hope that this exercise will also serve open-minded elites, not only in Belgrade, as a "message of mutual trust" to work against the return to the darkness of centuries-old hatred and bloodshed between peoples. Therefore, I strongly believe that not WAR, but good faith, PEACE and the agenda of integration into NATO/EU remain the only mission of the future of Serbia as well as the other 5 countries of the Western Balkans.

Fourthly, on the national level, RSh in 15 years as a member country (2009 - 2024), has significantly consolidated planning standards, operational capacities and the culture of cooperation with NATO. This is due to the very fact that hundreds of military personnel have served in NATO Headquarters as well as thousands (not to mention 100% of active personnel) have contributed to its operations in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo, Mali , etc. Therefore, I am very sure that the FARSh will demonstrate elite professionalism in this exercise, improving planning, management and combat skills (especially Land & Sea since the air combat capabilities have costs beyond the RSh's real capabilities). 

Include not only this major NATO event, and beyond the cacophony of today's politics, I strongly repeat that: "this exercise has nothing to do with the delusions of (the) Government; neither with the decency of the Opposition (lost), nor with the real estate oligarchs who dance around the government's pan to privatize (including love and loyalty to the Motherland) national security issues, geopolitical interests as well as the strategic partnership with the USA and NATO- n". 

NATO/USA exercises beyond the Bolshevik cacophony!

To put it more directly, "Steadfast Defender 2024" has nothing to do with: "facade pluralism, with the deformations of democracy by the power of (over) the Government, nor with Bolshevik populism". To be even more clear: "it has nothing to do with the government's delusions to continue the safe riding of the Albanians even in the fourth term, nor with the misery of the opposition, which since the shameful defeat of April 25, 2021, continues to fight with itself, not for the democratic rotation of Power, but for the seal, locks, carts and offices of the official Opposition". While beyond the humor: "this exercise certainly has nothing to do with the self-discretionary oscillations (50 million euros of military aid for Kosovo FS) of the mavroGeneral/Chairman of the dead army", as well as of a handful of sick egocentrics who for completely cynical interests , if not perverse: "they are twisting the knife to the core of the values ??of the modern right in Albania"!  

In addition, while 32 years of political pluralism and 15 years of NATO membership, the "Steadfast Defender 2024" exercise, etc. major NATO events, are experiences with geopolitical messages to Tirana: "to strengthen the comprehensive approach, the cohesion of the nation as and broad consensus in addressing national interests; strengthen the strategic partnership with the USA/NATO, restoring pluralism as well as Albanians' faith in Western values ??and functional democracies".

Having said this, I would like to reiterate that "Steadfast Defender 2024", etc. are major events of the strength of the strategic partnership with the US/NATO, which "carry messages of national weight, which above all exceed the interests of any political party, of a or several government mandates, or beyond any political protagonist, no matter how over-powerful they are". On this occasion, I express my consideration to the Headquarters of SHAPE/NATO, Belgium and the US Embassy in Tirana, for the clear geopolitical messages in the protection of the territorial integrity as well as the interests of the Transatlantic Alliance (including RSh).

I would also advise the political and state representatives of the official Tirana that: "messages of the Steadfast Defender 2024 exercise" or similar NATO activities, never address them with Bolshevik cacophony, but: "as a high state responsibility, not only for the protection of national interests but also for the promotion of the constructive weight that Albania holds in the democratic stability and the Euro-Atlantic integration agenda of the 6 countries of the Western Balkans". 

Finally, expressing my respect for the exemplary dedication and sublime sacrifices for peace, I heartily wish success to the soldiers of the RS and the 31 other participating countries, not only in this exercise.

On this occasion, I reaffirm that I remain a soldier of the Motherland, to humbly contribute to the protection of national interests and the strengthening of the strategic partnership with the USA/NATO!/CNA

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