Morality of immoral politicians!

2024-02-06 20:02:00, Opinione Ardi Stefa
Morality of immoral politicians!
Ardi Stefa

They promise the revolution and the overthrow of the regime, those who have millions of euros in the banks, making 30 years of money!

They speak in the name of the people who have tortured him all these years!

Those who raped democracy all these years are talking about democracy!

Those who dress in suits, sneakers and ties of thousands of euros are looking for justice and freedom and throwing themselves over the railings!

They talk about conservatism and values ??of society, those who have no values, family and judge dogs! Or those others who, apart from women, also have some lovers!

They promise to drag down the dictators, those who raise their heads like the orphans of "poppies on the walls" to catch the next crumbs with their mouths and then lay them together with those who will overthrow them with raw shrimps to share the money!

And they drag real democrats and idealists around Tirana for their plight!

They speak and plead for violated rights in parliament, those who have no morals and are already trying to increase their bargains for the next elections!

Those who are jointly responsible for this situation talk about depopulation!

Those who robbed them with Law 7501 and other robberies over the years are talking about the properties!

Those who abandoned them, even beat and raped them, speak on behalf of the politically persecuted!

They speak on behalf of the institutions who violate them day by day!

Those who have never worked honestly a day in their life talk about honest work!

Those who lost the chance to make us a democratic state, where law, truth, justice, honesty, transparency and meritocracy would rule, are talking about Albania!

And they talk about dragging out dictators on February 20, forgetting that on February 20, 1991, we sought to topple the regime, not cement it!

But on February 20, 1991, we stood up to demolish myths and not to raise other false myths and keep them alive after 33 years, holding Albania and Democracy hostage!

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