Progress Kabo, message of consolation/ "You broke my soul brother Agim Rada, you are a rare artist"

2023-07-11 16:14:00, Kulturë CNA

Progress Kabo, message of consolation/ "You broke my soul brother Agim

Professor Përparim Kabo has given a message of condolence after the passing away of the well-known sculptor, Agim Rada.

Kabo remembers the conversation with Agim Rada, who informed him about his illness, while he says that he did not expect such a quick escape.

The professor describes the sculptor as a beautiful rebel spirit who has made Albanians proud with his works.

"Goodbye Agim Rada!

You broke my soul, brother, every time we talked I thought I was in a temple where peace spoke to art, reason found its twin and dignity was good with itself... You told me I'm not happy, but you didn't say I was going to leave... We were left with the statue of Fishta without placing it in the center of Tirana...You beautiful rebel and you beautiful rebel spirit. How proud you made the Albanian... Your last work was the bust of Mehdi Frashër, one of the most beautiful minds of the nation... As you said to me last time... Please take me to Përmet.. Artists like you, Agim Rada, are rare in Albania because your art was pathos, ethos and logos... For courage, no one could surpass you, not even for looking far, but your beautiful heart was silent... and the Skenderbeu you had in hand mourns today! Ah those hands of yours all plaster and mud... Protect with passion and patriotism everything you created...

P. Cabo. July 11, 2023," his message says./ CNA.al

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