The mural with patriotic elements/ The teacher creates a special work for the November holidays

2023-11-29 17:38:00, Kulturë CNA

The mural with patriotic elements/ The teacher creates a special work for the

Islam Bakollari, a teacher at the 9-year-old school of Dardhasi in Pogradec, created the mural with patriotic elements on November 29.

He has been thinking for years about the realization of this work, while it took a voluminous work with a lot of passion.

The area of ??Gora is the one that has selected teacher Lamja, as it is known in its artistic name, and has painted national and patriotic elements of this area.

"Guri i Kamje", a natural monument, Dërduša Tower, a characteristic building of the area, as well as "Nica Bridge", a cultural monument, are the three elements included in this mural.

"This idea has been in my mind and in my soul. I collaborated with the school director and a donor of the area. The area of ??Gora is very spread out on the surface starting here and ending in the mountains of Valamara and it has a very beautiful history , where several components such as history, tradition, and culture are connected. We are the area of ??Gora, here there are three elements starting with the Kamje Stone, we have a natural monument and three cultural monuments. The Kamje Stone is known. The cultural monument is Kulla e Ismail Dërdušë, rich in history. The second element is the Ura e Niça because Niça has two cultural monuments, the bridge and its church. Here is a symbolic part of the bridge, while on the other side will be a complex and very powerful figure of history of our area and Kajo Babjeni. Then, in one part, work will be done on the Gorar Oak, it is called the Kapedan oak, the center will be the Guri i Kamjes, which is also a natural monument. The Pelazgo - Illyrian symbol will be placed on it, I emphasize this , the symbol of the eagle."

At the top of the mural stands the national flag, on this 111th anniversary of Independence, where the 9-year-old school of Dardhasi is lucky enough to have a mural as part of it that will be transmitted to the new generation./ CNA TV

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