Ilir Ikonomi: The unsaid of Fan Noli, how he was intercepted by the FBI and accused of corruption

2023-11-16 11:29:00, Kulturë CNA
Ilir Ikonomi: The unsaid of Fan Noli, how he was intercepted by the FBI and
Ilir Ikonomi, journalist and writer

Other important and unknown details from Fan Noli's life and activities have been brought this time through a book dedicated to Noli's biography by the well-known journalist and writer Ilir Ikonomi.

In the book entitled "Apostulli", Ikonomi says that details from Noli's life have been included which were not told earlier in Albania and which are difficult to accept here.

" This is a piece that is not well known, its beginnings are less known, and I decided to go into more detail, because there are undiscovered things.

There are details, such as Noli's cooperation with Austria, the FBI wiretapping Noli that he was being abused as a pro-Austrian agent, etc., etc.. There are anonymous letters from Albanians who write to the Russian church and say that Noli is an atheist. It is a plot of many interests.

In the end, Noli wrote a letter with harsh words, which are not mentioned here, to the Russian archbishop in America, and some of the Albanian priests did not agree with Noli's separation from the Russian church at that time.

Noli is accused in a corruption case, and I tried to look into it, and found information. I have given facts that were not given before", said the writer Ikonomi in a TV show.

The book "Apostulli" is the first of three volumes dedicated to the biography of Fan Noli that Ikonomi will release on the market./ CNA

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