Albanian clerics meet the Pope/Domsignore: The idea of ​​this trip is to create bridges of cooperation

2023-11-14 18:33:00, Kulturë CNA

Albanian clerics meet the Pope/Domsignore: The idea of ??this trip is to

Clerics of various religious faiths from the southeast of the country have been on a visit to the holy headquarters of the Vatican, where they also met Pope Francis.

The priest of the Catholic Church, Dom Ignacio Domsignore, says that representatives of the Catholic, Muslim, Bektashin, Orthodox faiths, as well as the evangelical church, have traveled together to the Holy See with the aim of creating fraternal bridges between these faiths and creating unity.

"The idea of ??this trip was to live a common time between the representatives of the religious faiths that operate in the southeast of Albania, to strengthen our communication and create bridges of cooperation. Representatives of the Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, Bektashin and Protestant faiths took part." he says.

A special meeting was the one with Pope Francis, who personally met one by one all the clergy of the religious faiths in the southeast of the country. The latter gave him an Albanian flag, as well as other objects, gifts that surprised his holiness, Pope Francis.

"The meeting with Pope Francis was a short but very emotional moment, the Pope met and thanked each of us for our religious commitment, the work we are doing in the Albanian terror and he personally thanked us for going together, giving the message of peace.

The gift we gave was a painting with the Albanian flag, which is the symbol that brings everyone together, with the inscription "All brothers", because the message of unity and peace was the goal of everything", says the Catholic Church's Priest.

For the first time, the Pope meets in the holy seat so many different faiths of the southeast of the country./ CNA

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