Political games, chauvinist interests/ "Agatha Christie's Box" by Mira Meksi is coming

2023-11-08 20:46:00, Kulturë CNA

Political games, chauvinist interests/ "Agatha Christie's Box" by

The novel "Agatha Christie's Box" by Mira Meksi and with the virtuoso translation of Ece Dillioglu from the prestigious publishing house "Ketebe" has been published in Turkey.

An extraordinary love in the dark background of the political events in Albania from 1923-27.

Mid'hat bey Frashëri, one of the most active and prominent politicians and patriots of the time experiences a strong passion of love for the daughter of the noble British Herbert family, Ninetë le?raquqe. The magic of this love grows in Athens, in Istanbul, in the famous Pera Palace Hotel, in the Orient Express.

Political games, chauvinist interests, agent intrigues and bloody betrayals threaten the lives of lovers.

Agatha Christie, the British writer of detective novels, nicknamed the queen of crime, disappears from her home near London, for 11 consecutive days in 1926. In the mystery of this disappearance, in the perspective of writing her greatest work "Murder on the Orient Express", the key to unraveling the tragedy of two lovers is found.

Based on true historical facts, Mira Meksi has built an amazing story of undying love, within a political thriller with strong police suspense and great narrative tension.

The author of the successful book "The Dictator on the Cross", has managed to neatly use the idiolect of Mid'hat bey Frashëri embodied with the wonderful language that illustrates the time and place of the events in this fascinating novel.

Political games, chauvinist interests/ "Agatha Christie's Box" by

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