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Rare photo: When the great actor Ndrek Luca was in the company of Gramoz Pashko and lawyer Ngjela...

2023-09-18 22:00:00, Kulturë CNA

Rare photo: When the great actor Ndrek Luca was in the company of Gramoz Pashko

A rare photo from 1991 is revealed where the leader of the Decembrist Movement Gramoz Pashko and Spartak Ngjela are in the company of the famous Albanian cinematographer Ndrek Luca and some of their friends. What connected Ngjela to the great actor and how did Pashko express himself about the lawyer in December 1990 when he had not yet been released from the prisons of the communist regime...?!

By Dashnor Kaloçi

Many of us would have imagined the great stage and screen actor the late Ndrek Luca as an image in the company of his colleagues and friends of the community of artists and writers with whom he spent a lifetime in the courtyard of the People's Theatre, the League of Writers, on the filming sites, or in the lagoons of the Albanian coast where he often went fishing, which behind the scenes was one of his greatest passions and loves. And few would imagine the great and unrepeatable master of Albanian cinematography, Ndrek Luca, in the company of politicians (of course after the 90s), even though he who in December 1990 openly and unreservedly supported the Student Movement and democratic processes that led to system change.

But a rare photo, which must be from 1991, shows us Ndrek Luca in the company of Gramoz Pashko and lawyer Spartak Ngjela, as well as some of their mutual friends, talking to each other in front of a cult object somewhere on Kavaja Street that had just opened at that time. Contrary to his temperament, Njjela remains silent and with a cigarette in his hand listening to a conversation between those friends who have gathered around them, while Pashko and Ndrek Luca are focused and attentively following another person who is part of that conversation. the group. And while the ideals of December were united with Gramoz Pashko, few can know exactly what connected Ndrek Luca with Spartak Njjela, who at that time had just been released from the prisons of the communist regime?!

Rare photo: When the great actor Ndrek Luca was in the company of Gramoz Pashko

All those who have closely known the famous actor originally from Dukagjini, know and remember very well the special adoration that Ndreka had for the great poet Padër Gjergj Fishta, whose work he had read almost all and verses everything from "Lahuta", "Judas Maccabe", "Anzat e Parnasi", etc., etc., he recited them among close friends even before the 90s, when that thing constituted a heresy. Based on this fact,Ndrek Luca joined a group of creative young intellectuals, such as Aurel Plasari, Rudolf Marku, Skënder Buçpapaj, etc., who on December 28, 1990 gathered in one of the halls of the League of Writers and Artists of Albania where they held a commemorative meeting on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Father Gjergji's death and in a way it was both the announcement and the rehabilitation of his figure.

So, in a way, Ndreka was and became the promoter of the rehabilitation and illumination of the figure of the National Poet who was so much anathema by the communist regime and personally by Enver Hoxha for almost half a century. In the same way, the lawyer Ngjela, who in his youth was not yet arrested and convicted by the communist regime, had a special adoration for Father Gjergjin, not only as a literary poet, but also as a politician and for everything else he had done in his life for Albania and also he (Ngjela), was a good connoisseur of the life and work of Father Gjergji.

Not only that, but until the time he was arrested, as a sign of worship, Ngjela had visited some of the churches and places of worship where Father Gjergji had served or had visited during his life. Thus, a few hours before his arrest in 1975, Ngjela had just visited the church of Rubigu (Mirdita district) where Father Gjergji had often been and appreciated it very much for its very special architectural side. It was this great adoration for Fishta's figure and work that forced Ngjela in 1987 to write several letters from Burrel prison to Ramiz Ali (as Chairman of the Presidium of the People's Assembly), asking him to rehabilitate the figure of Gjergj Fishta, considering him, among other things, as a great enemy of Slavism that the communist regime had condemned since 1946 precisely for this reason.

So, most likely, Ndrek Luca and Spartak Njjela reunited the adoration they had for Father Gjergji, (as Ndrek had acquaintance and friendship with Ndreka since before his arrest) and the man who brought them together again, was Gramoz Pashko, who, since the first days of the December 1990 Movement, did not miss an opportunity without speaking to all his friends, the leaders of the Democratic Party, (such as: Berisha, Meksi, Ruli, Zogaj, etc.), and promoting "an excellent politician and hardened anti-communist" who was still in the prisons of the communist regime since 1975. However, Ngjela himself can talk about this and the above not only about the famous actor Ndrek Luca, but also about his former close friend, Gramoz Pashkon, who died tragically 13 years ago (July 16, 2006)./ Memorie.al

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