Shkodra of the places of worship

2023-08-11 21:43:00, Kulturë Albert Vataj

Shkodra of the places of worship

You have changed a lot like Shkodra Loce.

You are a beautiful flame for my eyes, striking for the waves of adoration, a fiery flame for the deepest desires that are drowned in your blood, your lymph.

Rejoice Shkodër with the beautiful light that has fallen on you, with the bright grace that has adorned you.

Surf in your corner, the joy of the fireplaces and the worldly name of your sons, I know that in your love it is right next to you, it shines brightly in the eyes and in the hearts that marvel at you.

Sing the most beautiful of them, let the world listen to the melodious song, the one you love, the one you love the most.

We come to the tand rest, and leave, like from the mother's rest, full of joy and desire.

And you are missing the tamli of life, that of the kind of sacrifice that dripped from the legends, conceived in the soul of the graces that in you drip stars where you dreamily see your desires.

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