Saint Teresa, the woman who defied time and turned the world around

2023-09-05 20:12:00, Kulturë Ruben Avxhiu
Saint Teresa, the woman who defied time and turned the world around
Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born in a land where women were not expected to have any public role. In a man's world, in a tragic corner of the globe.

She chose a profession, which not only does not make you known, but where most nuns remain simply uniforms, nameless, faceless, unappreciated eternal servants, relics of a world that is disappearing if it has not disappeared.

She served a Church that has no place for female public figures, an institution of men, when women who serve in monasteries and religious orders also have limited roles. It established a new order, outside the expected schemes of the Church, in an institution that discourages such initiatives, that leaves little room for departure from the templates established long ago.

She started with her humanitarian and spiritual initiative, at a time when materialism exploded like never before in human history and cynicism was the order of the day. She went where even the most self-sacrificing humanitarians refused to go.

A religious figure, in an increasingly secular and secular world. That went East when everything was going West, that buttoned up when everyone started stripping, a piece of medieval controversy in a postmodern world.

When I see on the front page of a newspaper like "The New York Times", as the world headline of the day, the announcement of her death, I marvel not for the humanitarian gestures, for the Albanian nationality, for the sanctity promised by the Catholic Church, for the Nobel of the Peace that they gave him, etc., but that he succeeded against all odds.

I marvel that this small woman destined to perish without a name and without a story managed to make the whole world turn its head.

Saint Teresa, the woman who defied time and turned the world around

Today, when we honor her as a great humanitarian, as a Catholic saint, as a Nobel laureate, as a daughter of the Albanian nation, as an Indian citizen in a country where even Catholics are not expected to earn a name, we forget that her life was like an order in a corridor endless closed doors. Some of them closed in the face of those who today are proudest of him.

Of course, we are thankful that we can justify ourselves with the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha and Ramiz Ali and we have removed from ourselves the responsibility of not letting her see her mother and sister for the last time before she died. That the Albanian delegation demonstratively left the hall of the National Assembly when Mother Teresa was going to speak, etc.

We will also find an excuse for some young Albanian idiots who do not have enough neurons in their brains to simultaneously respect their religion and this woman, who helped millions of Muslims in need, for whom co-religionists had not found a solution. and he did not invite a single Muslim to convert him to Catholicism. No poor days at the end of life, or at the end of the means of survival, without shelter and without food, prompted him to convert.

Her conflicts in the nuns' dormitories are difficult to discover, although Gëzim Alpion, in his last book, finally sheds light on this chapter.

Mother Teresa was certainly a rebel, an insurgent in the Catholic Church, a nuisance who would have liked to run away, but who fought from a trench where you could not defeat her. From the lepers and the sick in the last moments of life. It was invincible among those who were sent to the end of life for whom he had created the system that gathered them around the city to give them the opportunity to die as men. They had lived in misery, at least they could die with dignity. What a concept that goes beyond religion to trivialize life on earth.

Saint Teresa, the woman who defied time and turned the world around

What an upheaval with the media that for decades had preferred the tabloid glory of the glittering figures of the Western spectacle. She was everything they had despised and shunned for decades. Old, ugly, ugly, unenviable. With boring stories of suffering that have no solution, no happy endings and mysterious twists. In the end, the contrast with the new world became too unbearable to ignore.

It is true that there was something of the circus spectator in their attention to the strange woman from Calcutta. They pounced on him with cameras as they pounce on a rare animal, an absurd or abnormal creature. But the craze for it only grew. The story of Mother Teresa, in the public light, is a kind of triumph in itself. After being embraced by Pope John Paul (another "outsider" who had risen to the head of the Catholic Church - the first non-Italian Pope in 400 years) after the Nobel Peace Prize, her fame was cemented.

She took advantage of the world's attention in an extraordinary way by performing another miracle of her own. Mother Teresa proved that she was ready and for this phase, to tell the truth, many of the real heroes are lost and drowned. This extraordinary administration of success and fame also created new and lifelong enemies. Mother Teresa created a worldwide Order with her missions. He created a multi-billion fund-raising network, met and influenced the lives of many major political figures in the world, including several American presidents. It was impossible for her to retain anyone's admiration, in this unprecedented diplomatic ballet she had to perform in her old age, while remaining both the compassionate mother of Calcutta's infants and the influential figure of the world's top politicians.


How he accomplished it all is a subject of debate that may never end. And if you know nothing about this unforgettable woman, it is enough to remember where she was born and when and where her path ended to guess that she defied fate at every step, rejecting the rules of the game and predetermined fate , challenging the realities where life placed her, and finally triumphing and adored by those who stopped her, blocked her, rejected her, insulted her, criticized her, ignored her and ridiculed her.

She has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church for the miracles she is said to have performed according to the Vatican protocol, but from another point of view, the greatest miracle is her personal success, the success of a small woman with a giant will who did not remain the wife of any the local dignitary of the Balkans, nor some forgotten nun of the Sisters of Loreto, nor a forgotten humanist of the Calcutta hermits, any of the dozens of forgotten Nobel laureates and other prizes. She broke all the predictions. All the expected endings of the life of a woman born in the Balkans of the early 20th century. She believed in her polar star, in an extremely personal image and imagination of the figure of Jesus Christ, in her mission in life, not being stopped neither by the hatred nor by the love of those who surrounded him, nor by the rules and restrictions, nor from the family, society, community, church and all of humanity. It turned the world around at will and made it never forget.

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