The "Book Fair" opens today, thousands of titles at reasonable prices

2023-11-15 09:23:00, Kulturë CNA


The "Book Fair" opens today, thousands of titles at reasonable prices
26th Book Fair

The 26th Book Fair in Tirana opens today. Among hundreds of new titles by Albanian and foreign authors, the fair will remain open until Sunday, October 19.

Now the "Book Fair" is an annual event in capital cities where lovers of books and literature come together to choose their favorite titles for reading or study.

The leaders of the Association of Publishers themselves have stated earlier that during the fair there will be a significant reduction in book prices, thus making the selection of titles even easier for every book lover.

But how did the First Book Fair start in Tirana?

According to the General Directorate of Archives, the first fair was held in December 1998 at the International Cultural Center in Tirana, from where the annual tradition of this cultural activity began.

" In December 1998, the International Center of Culture in Tirana brought together for the first time in the capital, authors, publishers and lovers of the book. The fair became the cultural event of the year and marked the beginning of a tradition that continues with the development of the next editions, where the Palace of Congresses is buzzing with book lovers. Various publishing houses from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro promote new titles by contemporary authors, as well as bring back the nostalgia of the classics, in the largest nationwide book event" - it is written in a DPA post .

The Book Fair will last five days./ CNA


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