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51 years High Priest/Archbishop Anastas: Things are difficult, seek truths and love

2023-11-25 22:27:00, Kulturë CNA
51 years High Priest/Archbishop Anastas: Things are difficult, seek truths and
Archbishop Anastas

During the festive program for the 51st anniversary of the Episcopal Episcopate of Archbishop Anastas, he gave a greeting and from this I finidt.

Archbishop Anastas in the organization made in said that he could describe the whole organization with three words, impressions, touch and gratitude.

The archbishop said that things are not easy and advised that "first of all, seek the truths and love".

"Impression, touch and gratitude. I believe that these three words are the focus of my feelings today. I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances and was proud of the dynamism and hope that exists within these voices and movements. Many things from the past reappeared before me. I feel a deep gratitude for the things that were said about my name.

In 1972, before my submission to the rank of Bishop, I had been elected a professor at the University of Athens. At that time both these positions were of great importance. At that time I told myself to be careful to always remain a student and a servant and this was a medicine that did me a lot of good. Today, as I heard so many praises, I told myself to 'look at this more as a wish for the future, than as an achievement for the past'. I thought of all the school children who climbed this stage. I want to tell them, things are difficult here, but what I want to advise is that first of all, look for truths and love," he said.

Archbishop Anastas says to keep in mind to always be people of tolerance and wisdom

"It is not an easy thing. It requires effort, resistance and patience. No, it's the most important thing you can do in our country. In schools we try to offer the best teaching conditions. In our age, teaching and learning are no longer enough. A total of 2,500 students study in our schools. Listen to many things during your lessons. Remember to always be people of tolerance and wisdom. Love does not exist alone, it is related to hope," said Archbishop Anastas./ CNA

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