Conveyed to the last apartment Zef Deda, the son: Oh what a babe, today I don't know how to line up your words

2023-11-25 14:55:00, Kulturë CNA
Conveyed to the last apartment Zef Deda, the son: Oh what a babe, today I
Jul Deda and Zef Deda

Jul Deda gave a touching speech during the ceremony of escorting his father to his last residence.

Remembering what an extraordinary man Zef Deda was, Juli requested that he be given the last round of applause at the "Migjeni" theater.

"We thank you very much. I want to thank Zef Deda for "Oh what a babe". An extraordinary father, an extraordinary husband, an amazing grandfather, a great artist. I don't know how focused Mario and I and our children should be to preserve the great and good name he has left in Shkodër and in Albania. I hope we will succeed, but I believe that a great help is to be the father from above, protecting us and praying for us that with his work, with his morals and with the way he has behaved, he has made us life much easier and more affordable. I thank him from the bottom of my heart," said Jul Deda.

Jul Deda has not spared the thanks for all the supporters of his father's work while he thanked his father's colleagues for the example they have created.

"Today I don't even know how to line up the words. I want to thank you, my father's colleagues, for giving and taking with him the passion for work, for humanity in the first place. You are a generation that has preserved human relations, we don't have it today. You are an example for us. I thank his audience. I would like, since today is physically the last time in the "Migjeni" theater, to give him a last round of applause in the premises of this theater" - he said.

Colleagues, friends and many citizens have given the last applause to the Grand Master, Zef Deda in the premises of the theater "Migjeni" where he worked for years bringing characters who are remembered for their jokes and extraordinary mimicry./ CNA


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