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Tributes to Zef Deda, Agron Llakaj: He left behind the love of the public

2023-11-25 11:12:00, Kulturë CNA
Tributes to Zef Deda, Agron Llakaj: He left behind the love of the public
Agron Llakaj after the tributes to Zef Deda

Agron Llakaj has joined the tributes to the artist Zef Deda.

While talking to the journalists after the tributes, the actor Llakaj said that the pain for Deda is great, but he has left laughter and humor behind.

"We belong to God and one day we will leave. But Zefi's escape is premature. Artists with the name of Zefi, at the first moment, caused pain, but left behind the laughter and the love of the public who loved him very much," said Llakaj.

Llakaj appealed for the institutions to take measures to show young generations who the real artists were.

" I think that institutions need to work to show the younger generation who the real art was. As if the professional troupe of Albanian humor is more in heaven than on earth, and Zef Deda joined them. I hope his two children are good enough to inherit some of his talents. We call ourselves 'The Last of the Mohicans'. The pain is great," he said.

The actor Zef Deda passed away a day ago after a long career on stage as the actor who brought laughter to the Albanian audience and has rightly been called the "Charlie Chaplin" of Albania./ CNA


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