RTSH cuts funding for the second season of "People and fate", Derhemi: Help us with GoFund.me

2023-11-26 12:27:00, Kulturë CNA
RTSH cuts funding for the second season of "People and fate", Derhemi:
Robert Ndrenika and Arben Derhemi

The well-known Albanian actor Arben Derhemi has opened a "GoFound.me" in order to collect funds for the continuation of the shooting for "People and Fate 2".

Through a video on his social networks, Derhemi has informed that the new director of RTSH, Alfred Peza, has refused to sign the funds approved for the filming.

" At this  moment, the General Director of RTSH, with the logic of the owner director, does not sign the approved funds. We have nothing to do but we will continue the work because a dedicated staff of people has been working on this work for three months. So I ask for your help through this GoFund. with all the benefactors and people of "People and AFaate" to help us as much as they can for its realization, "- says Derhemi.

Earlier this year, the actor announced that they would start work on the second season of "People and Fate"./ CNA

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