Ervis Martinaj's uncle explodes the "bomb"/ "The prime minister is the organizer of my nephew's disappearance"

2022-11-29 21:40:00, Kronika CNA
Ervis Martinaj's uncle explodes the "bomb"/ "The prime
Ervis Martinaj

Ervis Martinaj's uncle, Faik Martinaj, has made a strong statement regarding the mystery of his nephew's disappearance since the beginning of August.

In a telephone connection on the show "Without a Trace", Faik Martinaj pointed the finger at Prime Minister Edi Rama, calling him the organizer of the disappearance of his nephew Ervis Martinaj.

" We knew that this prime minister of Albania gave us the message, the national disaster, the criminal of the Albanian nation, Edi Rama, gave us the message since last year's campaign.

I know about the disappearance of my nephew, it is from the prime minister, the organizer is prime minister Edi Rama with his gangs and all those who are interested from the south coast and others" , said Faik Martinaj./ CNA.al

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