Denunciation of the "Together We Win" coalition/ 4 PD activists are raped in Fushë-Arrëz

2023-05-09 22:51:00, Denoncim CNA
Denunciation of the "Together We Win" coalition/ 4 PD activists are
Photo of the violated activist

The "Together We Win" coalition has denounced the rape of four activists of the Democratic Party this evening.

The coalition declares that the event took place in the village of Mzi in the municipality of Fushë-Arrëz, after the opposition denounced the buying and selling of votes and threats to citizens by administration employees and police officers.

According to them, the activists were violated with weapons by an armed gang headed by the Director of HEC Fierze, Vasil Muslija, with his son and citizen Zamir Sadiku.

Full statements:

Edi Rama's regime is in terror and panic and is trying to climb into power with gangs, violence and crime.

Denunciation of the "Together We Win" coalition/ 4 PD activists are
Photo of the violated activist

Just a few hours after the "Together We Win" coalition denounced with an official statement the attempts at intimidation and the use of the State Police in the election campaign in several municipalities of Albania, focusing on some flagrant cases in Pukë, precisely in this area, the violence against the opposition was escalated to life-threatening.

In the village of Mzi, the Fierzë Administrative Unit of the Fushë-Arrëz Municipality, an armed gang led by the Director of HEC Fierzë, the electoral criminal Vasil Muslija and his son and citizen Zamir Sadiku, have used weapons against four activists of the Democratic Party . The three thugs with power belts, representatives of the SP of Puka, after stopping the car in which Besmir Nika, Bledar Nika, Ndue Deda and Ridvan Kuka, opposition activists were, shot them with pistols. According to reports from the field, from the hospital and from representatives of the coalition "We win together" in Pukë, as a result of the violence, citizen Besmir Nika was seriously injured, and his brother, Bledari, suffered minor injuries.

The three violent people, according to reports, all these days have been circulating in the area armed and exerting pressure and blackmail on the residents.

The power gangs, from Gomsiqja to Fierze, panicked by the loss of May 14, have engaged the arsenal of persons with criminal records, all with criminal ties to the Socialist Party, and in exchange for favors and concessions they are asked to intimidate opposition supporters .

On behalf of the BashkëFitom coalition and the Democratic Party, we wish Besmir and Bledari a speedy recovery and assure them and their families, as well as all our supporters in F-Ares and everywhere, that the perpetrators of violence will receive the deserved response.

We strongly condemn the doras, the director of HEC Fierza, the electoral criminal Vasil Musliu and his gang, as well as the crime lords Fran Tuci in Fushe-Arres and Edi Rama in Tirana, who, both with words and with silence, encourage this climate political and electoral tension.

We call on the Prosecutor's Office to start investigations for all those who violate the law and OSCE-ODHIR to register every case of violence against voters, political activists and the electoral process.

To Tuci, Gjonaj, Musli and all bandits clothed in power, or those whom power has stripped of every mountain feature, according to whose codes the man does not shoot in the back, we remind them that the day of reckoning will not be far away .

We call on the supporters of the opposition in F-Arres, Pukë and all honest Pukyans, socialist or non-party, to take part in the voting and distance themselves by voting, on May 14, from the gangs that do not give up power with the justice of voters, but they want to keep it at all costs and with guns./ CNA.al

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