The block that Redi Molla discovered/ Participated in the meetings of the company "5D"

2024-04-03 12:21:00, Aktualitet CNA
The block that Redi Molla discovered/ Participated in the meetings of the
Redi Molla and Erion Veliaj

The investigative file of SPAK for the arrested directors of the head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, is full of facts and evidence, where it is clearly shown that the officials violated the law during the procedures of awarding tenders to the company "5D Konstruksion". 

SPAK's investigations have shown that Molla and Qato are the "de facto" owners of the "5D Construction" company, through which they benefited from dozens of tenders in violation of the law.  

In the investigation file, it is noted that in the block of Mariglen Lika, the employee of the "5D" company, which has been seized and is in the hands of the investigators, notes were found for a meeting dated February 23, 2022. What is noticeable from the notes is that Redi Molla participated in the meeting of the company "5D Construction".

Doubts also arise here: Why should Redi Molla, the arrested former director of the Tirana Waterworks, be present at the meeting of a private company?

After the investigations, SPAK accuses Redi Molla of criminal offenses of corruption and concealment of assets. SPAK has also found telephone communications between Redi Molla and Nestor Muhametllari, administrator of the "5D" company. In the same way, messages talking about shopping, tenders, or even the company's financial data have been disclosed. 

"In the office of the company '5D Konstruksion' sh.pk, another pad with the inscription 'Yuku' was found and seized, which belongs to the citizen Marenglen Lika, an employee of this company. In this pad, these notes were found that say yes for the date 23.02.2022, as follows: Meeting with the Staff + 'Redi'. 1) Reorganization in 2022 and beyond. 2) Nestori will no longer deal with operational work. The work will be divided into 2 Departments: 1- Section Administrative, 2- Engineering Section (Implementation and Technical Office). For each person I job-description. Report and plan every Saturday. Human resources will depend on the Administrative Section (Jonida). In the two blocks above, the notes for the meeting with the staff of the company, which refer to the same day, 23.02.2022, which have almost the same content, with the difference that in the second block it is clearly described that the person named 'Redi' also participated in the meeting with the staff ", it says in the investigative file./ CNA 



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