Who is Cyclops?/ The messages between the employees of the "5D" company are clarified

2024-04-03 10:33:00, Aktualitet CNA
Who is Cyclops?/ The messages between the employees of the "5D"
Mariglen Qato and Redi Molla

During the intensive investigations for the directors of the Municipality of Tirana, SPAK has secured documents, telephone conversations, money transfers, abuses in tenders, photographs and other evidence that show that they have violated the law with both feet. 

On March 28, GJKKO imposed 9 security measures for directors and officials of the Municipality of Tirana, among whom Mariglen Qato and Redi Molla were arrested. 

SPAK's investigations have shown that Molla and Qato are the "de facto" owners of the "5D Construction" company, through which they benefited from dozens of tenders in violation of the law. 

SPAK was able to seize not only the phone of the company's administrator, Nestor Muhametllari, but also of other employees of this municipality. 

In the investigation file, it is specified that the phone of the employee of the "5D" company, Jona Bejko, was seized, for which the technical expertise was carried out, as well as the inspection and analysis of the data obtained from the expertise act.

SPAK was able to secure a conversation between Jona Bejko and Algert Çiflik, who comment on their bosses and there is no shortage of nicknames and resentments towards the latter. 

With the initials "R" and "M", they refer to Redi Molla and Mariglen Qato. While they nicknamed Nestor Muhametllar "Cyclops". 

The conversation dated January 6, 2023 with citizen Algert Çifliku, who works in the same company.

Jona:  Colleague... I have news here from the office. The war broke out, N and J broke up.

Algert : Why were they caught?

Jona:  If you have any idea about the war, I'm saying that the taxes came for inspection in the morning. As soon as the door was opened, without telling us anything, they entered the Finance office, touching and opening everything without permission. They catch some things that they shouldn't see. This slammed the door. He said to whose door he slams. Take your bag and go home, moron."

Algert:  They will eat their own heads.

Jona : We became a home for God. Let's see how the series will continue. Just me and you eh... And it was mentioned by those above. Pretend you don't know anything... Surprised.

Algert:  As much as I like. I will meet them today.

Jona:  I'm pretending to be surprised anyway. That by the time you meet them, believe them, they will have found out.

Algert:  I believe so... you live a long time.

Jona:  Oh, please... Tell me if there's anything new."

Another conversation took place between the same persons on January 6, 2023:

Algert:  Colleague, how are you?

Jona : Colleague, hey... I was waiting for news from you.

Algert:  It's understood... They didn't tell me anything, that it was both of them, I talked a little with this one of mine.

Jona:  Yes, it's normal that it was found out. That she made it big for a chair. I imagine for yesterday, that the situation became a mess. N didn't come either.

Algert : Today is the trial, I'm in Durrës. MR and the Cyclops (this epithet refers to Nestor)

Jona:  Did they call him?

Algert: "At the facility, one road and two jobs

Jona:  elee... Yes, she is with R.

Algert:  How about R"

Jona : Yes, he raised her to that position. I make decisions and what she wants.

Jona : I can hardly wait for the next series that you will tell me... Because I have no idea.

Algent : He asked me to remove J... and R had said wait until they close the year.

Jona:  I mean until March. 

"As a result of these communications, a series of other conversations took place between citizens Jona Beiko and Algert Çifliku, as well as between citizens Jona Bejko and Jonida Hoxhaj, in which they often refer to persons with the initials (R) and (M), as the persons who have the authority and competence to decide on the affairs and organization of the company '5D Konstruksion' sh.pk", it is stated in the investigative file./ CNA 

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