The Partizani-Tirana derby is at risk, problems at the "Air Albania" stadium

2024-02-12 11:16:13, Sport CNA
The Partizani-Tirana derby is at risk, problems at the "Air Albania"

We are now officially in derby week. The match between Partizan and Tirana is scheduled to be played on Friday at 19:00. The emotions of this super match have started to "capture" all the fans, who for 90 minutes will have the chance to enjoy the spectacle presented on the playing field by the two teams with the biggest rivalry in our country.

Due to the emotions and spectacle that this challenge guarantees, the presence of fans will be large and therefore it is planned to be played in "Air Albania". But something like this is still not final and the derby risks not being played in the National arena.

According to the written press, it is known that "Air Albania" has some technical problems. In the local fan section, a part of the glass separating the stands was broken. Also, 18 benches are missing from the stadium. 11 benches in the S tribune, 4 benches in the N tribune, 2 more in the corner and 5 benches in the N. Until the day when the derby is scheduled, such problems must be fixed, especially that of the glass that divides the tribunes. In contrast, the regional derby will be played in the "Arena e Demave", which has a capacity of 4,000 seats.

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