The victory over Kukës/ Gvozdenovic: From tomorrow the stress starts, we have a strong match with Erzen

2024-02-11 20:30:00, Sport CNA
The victory over Kukës/ Gvozdenovic: From tomorrow the stress starts, we
Iva Gvozdanovic

Skanderbeg coach Ivan Gvozdenovic has commented on the game played today against Kukës.

The coach told CNA that the game was played in difficult conditions, due to the rain, cold and poor condition of the field.

He further added that today was a battle for the ball and that they feel satisfied with the three points they got.

The coach emphasizes that the stress starts from tomorrow as they have to prepare for a very strong match with Erzen.  

"I will not talk about the game because the field was not perfect, it was cold and rainy. It was a very important victory, the players showed character. It was a battle for the ball, a standard kick was needed. We are satisfied with the victory and the three points, we also have the fourth stage and we really needed these points. We were stressed after the match with Teuta, I say well done to the boys, they deserve it. Shaqja was a problem, because we didn't have Zenunllari ready, and we were left with one player from the left wing, Kosta did a good job on the right. We are a little calmer, but from tomorrow the stress and thoughts about the next week will start, as we have a strong match against Erzen away. After the victory, we are always in a positive state, and this is also the case today", said the coach.

We remind you that the match ended with the score 1-0 for Skenderbeu. This victory sends Skenderbeu to seventh place with 28 points, while Kukësi remains last with 19 points./ CNA

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