The challenge with Kukës/ Gvozdenović: We have a debt to the fans, we want to win

2024-02-10 18:10:00, Sport CNA

The challenge with Kukës/ Gvozdenovi?: We have a debt to the fans, we want

In the media conference before the match with Kukës, Skënderbeu coach Ivan Gvozdenovi? commented on the progress of the team from the match with Tirana, Teuta until the preparations for Sunday's match.

Gvozdenovic has shown that the game with Tirana was very good, while they got 3 very valuable points, while they lost with Teuta after a poor game.

"We were very good against Tirana, and weak against Teuta. But this is now behind us, I am focused on Kukës, together with the players for tomorrow because for us it is a very important match for points. Today we have the last training, the situation is good, we only have a small problem with Nikaj. He didn't do full training yesterday, and we will see today how the situation is with him", he said.

The teams are fighting for points, and it seems that the difference between the first ranked teams and the last ones is 4-5 points apart, which makes the victory with Kukës necessary. The coach says that they are ready with 25 players, while today it will be decided who will play in the formation.

"It is difficult psychologically because Kukësi needs points, so do we. We all know how the situation is between the teams because 4-5 points is the difference at the bottom, 4-5 points even from the main teams. We need points after a weak match against Teuta, we must win. It's pressure for us.

We are all ready, even against Tirana we were without Pecan, Ramos, Rabi, but we played a good match. Against Teuta, we were ready except for Shaqe and goalkeeper Marko, but still the players played. We have 25 players ready, today we will decide with the staff who will play tomorrow.

With Kukës, we lost only one match, and another draw. We are not good against Kukës, but from the statistics point of view it is difficult. We are positive about how we will win tomorrow's match. We owe a debt to the fans, we want to win because we need the points and get the team on the right track.

I can't say much about the formation, we have players like Lika, Muharrem, Moise, Uçe, we will find a good option for tomorrow. We will see how we can do the best for tomorrow", he declared.

Ivan Gvozdenovi? remains positive in his thoughts along with the team, as he says that they have an obligation to win for the Kor?i? fans as well. He mentions the progress of all the teams, singling out Egnatia and Vllaznina as the best currently in the championship.

"In Albanian football, there are only two teams in succession, Egnatia and Shkodra. Teams like Tirana, Partizan, Laçi are one win two losses, one win one loss, two draws one win, that is, this is also for Skënderbeu. Maybe the problem is experience, or a psychological problem, but I can say that so far it is normal. Again the championship is difficult, we need the points, we are between the third stage, we also have the last stage of the fourth, the whole team only thinks about the points", emphasized the coach.

Skanderbeg welcomes the Kukes team the next day, February 11, at 17:00. A strong match where both teams aim for the 3-pointer. This is the third match between them, while the other two matches have ended in a victory for Kukës and a draw between the teams./ CNA

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