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Courtiers, slaves, servile and greedy for power

2024-04-01 17:27:00, Opinione Ardi Stefa

Courtiers, slaves, servile and greedy for power

Humility should be a special privilege of people who deal with public life and politics and, thank God, in Albania we have some people who are in positions of power or political positions and manage them with respect to the citizens who sent them there with the vote of theirs.

But this is one side of the coin and, as it happens in these cases, there is also the other side...

A very large number of rulers and politicians, who do not find time to talk and listen to ordinary people, not even those who voted for them. All the time surrounded by the courtiers of power, who do not show them the reality at all, but baptize them with rain... spittle..., disorienting them and cutting them off from life!

For some, criticism is not even allowed, in order not to... tarnish their image! Walking on the "Way of Mistakes", they don't even look the citizens in the eye, those citizens, who were given their positions with their vote in order to listen to criticism and become better. Unfortunately, the glow of power and... fireworks of the servile courtiers does not allow them to see the reality.

Because power has become their obsession. An obsession that makes them see even their political chair as a selfish and personal bet, even if they claim to be passionate supporters of the leader.

When such a thing happens to the government, what should you expect from those who are in the opposition and who should make the change?

Normally the opposite!

Unfortunately, it happens the same as with the rulers!

The politicians of the so-called Albanian opposition behave, act and speak in the most wrong possible way, even walking on the road, which they christen as "Road of hope!".

Pathological slaves of their ambition and love of power first; captured by their party leader; without vision, courage and courage; with a dictionary of 100 words, which they rotate in every public appearance; with hatred towards those who oppose them and think differently; waiting for power to come, since they will never get it themselves, because they have proven themselves to be chronic losers, wherever they appear, on the radio, in the press and on television, they act as if they have absolute knowledge of everything about the country's political affairs. Their presence exudes arrogance and limited intelligence.

According to them, whoever does not think like them is against them, whoever is not with them is against them, when they themselves are really against democracy and progress!

For them, all their interlocutors are considered to be people of the establishment, sold, bought and only they have the monopoly of right and truth.

Arrogant, even though they are cowards and courtiers, they point the finger at the Albanian society and people of the same political trench, not admitting that there are opinions that may not agree with theirs.

Having deleted the word critical from their vocabulary, the dogmatists of radicalism, just as the dogmatists of anti-dogmatism in the party were a few months ago, operate in the logic of the stuck One, believing that this is how a party is run and this is how a country should be run .

In vain, men of cold logic, grounded in reality, try to reason with the enraged courtiers. More royal than the king, more Catholic than the Pope, having nothing to do with the workings of politics and the psychology of the people, ready to kiss those who have cursed, lick up what they have spat on, they lead the country to destruction by refusing to their friends also listen.

The country and not the party?

Yes, the country, because the political parties should be the ones that, together with the intellectuals, create programs and produce non-dogmatic elites.

And these very people, these opposition politicians, will be the first to shout in a few months: "The king is dead, long live the king!", to remain forever polished slaves, courtiers-slaves, without principles and morals, in waiting for power!

If they ever want to come to power, they must be humble, correct themselves and not behave and speak like prosecutors in the courts of communism, get down to earth, build a constructive dialogue, freed from all the burdens of past, of a past so deeply rooted in their mentality that it is shrinking the opposition so much.

And I ask: "Has the time come to wait for them yet, since the evaluation for them is disappointing, while their behavior is tragic?"/ CNA

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