From Fatos Hoxha/ The treacherous abandonment by Basha of his leader "Non-Grata" and the crossroads of PD

2023-05-19 14:07:00, Opinione CNA
From Fatos Hoxha/ The treacherous abandonment by Basha of his leader
Fatos Hoxha

With the overwhelming result for Berisha, the local elections of May 14 proved that Albanians no longer consider the opposition leader as a man. His offer no longer lies to anyone, no matter how it is camouflaged, no matter how sweet it is.

However, Berisha is not going to stop in his tracks. His objectives are not political, and the electoral collapse cannot change them.

Every call that is made to him to step aside, to leave and open the way for regenerative alternatives for the DP is not yours, because the DP is not his goal. His goal is only him and his biological family. Everyone else is just toilet paper for him.

This truth would not have been discovered by the Albanians had it not been for his declaration non grata, more precisely Basha's decision to distance himself, to abandon his non grata leader to his fate.

Berisha's behavior from this moment has been true without masks, clear and understandable for everyone.

From this moment, everyone has seen and experienced him harsh, brutal, unscrupulous, selfish, cynical, evil, merciless, inhuman, immoral, insatiable. Like never before.

From this moment on, Berisha no longer hid, he dropped his bag and came out naked. From this moment, the dreamers, the naive, the liars, and the fools recognized the real Berisha.

Now Berisha can't lie anymore, no matter how much he lies. The declaration non grata, as a turning point, is no longer valid for dismantling Berisha. He no longer hides riddles.

But the declaration non grata, precisely Basha's decision to distance himself, to abandon his non grata leader to his own fate, is very important to understand the behavior of the DP leadership and to explain the benefit/harm this behavior has caused PD.

The distancing from Berisha non grata can only be explained in two ways: as an act of principle undertaken in accordance with the Euro-Atlantic ideals and values ??that form the backbone of the Party, or as a treacherous act designed and implemented to neutralize the declaration of non grata thanks to Berisha, to bypass the pressure of the great ally and to wash his hands of the responsibility. Any other intermediate explanation, based on the petty interests of the actors, cannot be considered, because the petty interests are either content to pretend to be principled (the first scenario) or to appear opportunistic (the second scenario).

As an act of principle, distancing from Berisha could only be the final separation with him, for the sake of principles and values ??and without considering any account or consequences. The defense of principles always comes at a cost, but cost does not deter a political force from principles. DP would have erosion due to distance. Berisha and his men would not run away without resistance. But this erosion would undoubtedly bring new energy, clear the ranks, motivate the faithful, generate strength and hope, and revive the political alternative.

The principled distancing is not distancing "because our great allies ask for it", but it is distancing because the Party and Non Grata are incompatible with each other. Designating the family as a major corrupter, as an underminer of democracy and as an invader of the judiciary is a stain so black and so dirty that every hour spent in the same political trench with Non Grata darkens and taints the entire organization, the entire leadership, every member. hers.

Principled detachment is firm, clear, without hesitation, without hesitation, without delay. Principled distancing is a solemn and comprehensive public act. Distancing, when it is principled, is proposed to the forums, to become a principled battle, with debate, criticism and transparency. Decisions are made by the overwhelming majority of votes and are necessarily followed by significant statutory acts that prevent coexistence with non grata.

Was this the distance of Basha in September 2021? Let readers jog their own memory for a moment…

As a treacherous act, distancing is done in the name of principles, but principles are not protected. Instead of mastering decision-making and seeking the support of the forums, the leadership makes excuses for its inability to "convince" the great ally, talks about the need to submit, to "sacrifice" Non Grata for the sake of of the major interest of the government, announces the punishment, but motivates it by sublimating Non Grata, distancing does not make it complete, but makes it half distancing (until this problem is resolved and we return to the way we were).

When it is done as a treacherous act, distancing does not work. Non Grata is allowed to oppose the act, to gain ground, to retaliate, to divide the base, to add to the ranks of the crabs, without opposing it, without doing anything. In the end, Non Grata recognizes the fact that there is a majority and that it cannot be done without it. This is the moment when the sleeping cells of Non Grata within the ranks "wake up" and demand the union/surrender in the name of the electoral interest of the Party. This is the moment when the Principle is declared clinically dead.

When the distance is false, everything that comes after this moment is only escalation. It is an escalation of the division and opposition of the leaders to each other. Withdrawals and resignations, desertions and capitulations are escalating. It is an escalation of the refusal to mark the territory, the surrender of structures and headquarters. It is an escalation of the refusal to prepare the Party for elections, the surrender of the majority to Non Grata and the annihilation of the campaign for the proportional. It is an escalation to annihilate the logo (of the Party's weight), when it is impossible for you to deliver it yourself, because you deconspiratory.

The cunning distancing follows only one logic: when the Party and the Non Grata become incompatible with each other, then the trick wants you to sacrifice the Party to keep the Non Grata alive.

In the DP leadership, during this period, the behavior of each political leader has been measurable by the personal attitudes and decisions of each of them. Attitudes and personal decisions separate the principled from the hypocrites, not words and pathetic statements.

We have seen the behavior and attitudes of the leadership in these two years. In the same way, we have also seen how the DP has slid unstoppably towards the edge of extinction. It's just that we make the connection between the first and the second with great difficulty.

Both the behavior of the leadership and the degree to which the Democratic Party has fallen are related to the way in which the distancing from Non Grata was designed and implemented, as fraudulent and false distancing.

We need this reading and this awareness of the events to bring the PD back to life, because the principles must first be brought back to life, so that then the PD can regain its breath. Principles will lead us to true distancing. Principles and principled and determined people.

The bad thing is that on the most important day for the DP's fate, the hypocrites are playing the theater, while the principled ones are feeling tired. The principles are resigning.

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