The stone of protest! (Stone Garden)

2023-05-06 22:40:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra

The stone of protest! (Stone Garden)

The stone garden is one of the world's most unique forms of individual protest against power.

Darvish Khan was a deaf and mute man who lived with his family in a village 40 km from the city of Sirjan, Iran.

He lived by cattle breeding and farming in his garden.

In 1940, the state made a land reform, a reform that robbed Darvish Khan of his property, for mining and water use purposes.

Darvish neither spoke nor heard, but this did not prevent him from disagreeing with the reform that dispossessed him and left him without the main means of production to feed his family.

As he was forced to give up gardening and the 180 trees in his garden withered, he put stones on all the branches of the fruit trees and cared for them as if they were real fruit.

Sometimes we underestimate what some people can do or create.

Darvish Khan was the only farmer in the area who protested the government's decision, a decision dictated by the "oligarchs" of the time, but even today, Darvish Khan's stone garden is one of the most wonderful natural, historical, cultural and most importantly for the message it conveys.

Even in 1976, a documentary was made about this story, which won the Silver Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Darvish Khan died in 2007 at the age of 90, he was buried in the same rock garden he built as a form of protest.

While here in our country, the people have always supported the "reforms", whether they were good or not.

The administrative reform that left them without services.

Education reform that emptied schools and universities.

The health reform that destroyed public hospitals for the benefit of the private one.

Police reform that criminalized all police.

The reform in justice that subjugated the entire power of justice and put it under the hoof of a single man, Appendesit...

In all cases, the people have behaved like deaf and dumb! Not only that, but here the people are confused by the tallava, by the charlatanism of Mamaqi, by the breasts of Çiljeta, by the feints of Andi Lila, who appears with Basha in the winter, and in the summer market goes on loan to Veliaj... and then it's my kind sorolop

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