A toast with nine health on the day of media freedom!

2023-05-03 13:45:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

A toast with nine health on the day of media freedom!

On the day of media freedom, it is perhaps the ideal occasion to raise a toast to all the ministers, the prime minister, the leaders of the opposition or other officials who report so well about themselves and do not tire journalists with information or documents, with interviews or press conferences.

Without this so tireless and so unpaid work of theirs, journalists and editors, today at the height of the electoral campaign, would not be simply calculators of television minutes on behalf of the CEC, but would be sweating for it. scanning old and new promises, they would be attending candidate meetings and analyzing their programs and bills.

The other health goes to the wonderful and positive news they convey to people.

In them, we only see construction sites where they work non-stop, salary increases and inspections several times, so much so that our phone screen is asphalted and we feel as if our fingers are covered with pitch.

Another health for the elections!

The elections from the Festival of Democracy have turned into a real party with dancing and handing out money and favors, where now there is no competition for the program, but competition for jokes.

A health also for the Prime Minister who finds time not only for paintings, drawings, sketches, dance and basketball, but also for podcasts. And to imagine that he is also asked to govern!

A health also for all the officials who do not implement the law 119/2014 on the right to inform the public with official documents and whose impudence has turned into the strongest point of the CV.

Right, it makes no sense for the journalist to take the documents, because from them the case can end up in the prosecutor's office and possibly in the court.

The courts have little workload today, and we have a shortage of journalists' cases!

A health even for the lack of debates on television.

It has already been proven that maybe some truth can emerge from the debates.

It is known that the truth is often bitter, so where is the sweetness of a lie.

Man has one life, what's the point of spending the first 100 years of your life with bitter news?!
Health also for the "journalists" who are exhausted to make the politician/official appear as good as possible on television, so much so that they turn the make-up brush into a question brush to give him the right look.

In the end, the people have chosen them and the people's representatives should be the best, the wisest and the most visionary!

Health also for "journalists" who blackmail corrupt officials and expect fines for them and for businesses.

In the end, if the official and the business is not corrupt, there is no way to blackmail, right?
Cheers to those journalists/analysts who even faster than Google find "arguments" that the government/opposition is always right!

Without the contribution of the aforementioned, there is no point in talking about media freedom!
Cheers, live, be, report!

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