Beloja and Baloja i lal

2023-05-01 16:41:00, Opinione REDAKSIONALE

Beloja and Baloja i lal

In Tirana, as in all of Albania, local elections are taking place, but the capital has not only its importance and size, but also its specificity.

The current mayor Erion Veliaj, Mrs. Lajla Përnaska, Arlind Qori of the Marxists, Marko Dajti, Belind Kelliçi, the official candidate of the opposition and Roland Bejko of Alibeaj are in the race.

In fact, everything is clear, Përnaska and Bejko are simple and only instruments to guarantee the victory of the mayor Erion Veliaj.

Bejko, more than in the role of a rival to Veliaj, has turned into his Balo to rival Belo of the opposition.

Yes, it may seem unbelievable, but here it is. It so happens that Erion Veliaj turns him into his Balo to avoid facing Belo himself and finds himself using Balo to attack him.

It is enough to look at these two weeks of campaigning, every day of his appearance, Baloja i Veliajt has the campaign in only one direction, attacks on Belind Këlliç, attacks on the majority in the DP, attacks on the "Together We Win" coalition, although he knows that himself like Balo does not even have 3 or 4%. Maybe it can get less votes than invalid votes and on the other hand it seems to continue its mission.

So, it seems that Baloja has already appeared in front of Belo. In fact, he should have had the race with Erion Veliaj , but he could not do so, he does not deal with Veliaj at all, he deals with Sali Berisha and Belind Këlli?, he deals with the opposition, that is, with the majority of the opposition, and we will try this again on May 14, as we tried on March 6 last year.

But these elections and the capital also gave us this lesson, to face Erion Veliajt, Belo, with a positive campaign, with promises, with clashes with the mayor, with fierce debates, with challenges to face in a dialogue or strong panel for the capital and someone who, instead of rivaling the mayor of Tirana and being an opposition voice, does his Balon in front of Belo./ CNA.al

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