The social annihilation of Lushnja

2023-05-02 15:14:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
The social annihilation of Lushnja
Ilir Levonja

Today I read somewhere that as of May 1, the Court and the Prosecutor's Office will be removed from Lushnja and transferred to Fier. Years ago, with the coming to power of the SP, the university was also taken away.

An effort crowned with many sacrifices by the intellectuals there for the return of that subsidiary of the time, as a branch of Kamëz Agricultural University. And it belonged to Lushnja, moreover, it is a dominant land in the field of agriculture.

He even had the best specialists in the country. Large farms, fruit companies, etc. It is in that logic that mines are built where the ore is, not where it is sold. At the time of the Ottoman Empire, Lushnja was dependent on Berat.

Now in Edi Rama's Empire, from Fieri. When I asked one day about the educational directorate, they told me that they have also taken it to Fier. I asked what the director's name is, they told me, we don't know, she is a woman, she comes once a week, etc. Without even mentioning this alleged territorial reform, the merger of municipalities, etc.

An Albanian social weakness, since the troubles and problems of a municipality on the edge will be lamented by the mayor there in the center. So, no Court, no University, no educational directorate, add other civil services, from the merger of service offices.

I don't understand if you feel alive. Are you a first-hand or a third-hand city? That in that list I see some cities that were once localities. I have nothing to do with them, let's take Kurbini in Lezhë, although the strength of a state lies where it builds institutions, not where it destroys them. Or Mati in Dibër, but not in Lushnja.

If you refer to the population, plus social activity, products, etc., Lushnja exports. There is tourism, it is the intersection or navel between the north and the south. I don't understand even you lushnjars who continue to follow Taulant Balla around, you bring us videos that you are allegedly paving an alley, how you laugh or hug. I don't even understand those citizens who are waiting for Edi Rama. Not even those paradoxical socialists who believe that by arresting the former mayor or the former vice-mayor, etc., you are bringing justice to the country.

Why don't they arrest the one from Durrës or Elbasan? They take you for granted because they are supposedly doing reforms. You don't ask yourself once. Next, remember that by removing the Court and Prosecutor's Office from your city, you are really reforming justice? No, no, you don't know what you're doing. And shame on you for the city of Vaçe Zela, Ilia Shyti, Margarita, Pavlina, Fasliu, Halil, Vathi.

The city of agricultural scientists, veterinarians, fruit growers, Alfred, Greta, Zhan, Piros, Nuri, Vladimir, etc. You have become angry with yourself. How do you vote? You will get up early tomorrow and on the way to Fier, for what, for a basic civil service. The point that you don't like. Rama didn't raise Lushnja, you raised him. So kick the ass of those who violate your values.

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