Belindi as Trump

2023-05-06 11:36:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra

Belindi as Trump

Many people, when they see the title I used, will say, what did I undertake to compare (the incomparable)?!

Do not rush, because it is not just a "bold" title.

I followed the presidential campaign in America in 2016 in detail. Perhaps one of the rare ones that I had the conviction that Donald Trump was becoming the President of the USA. Those who have followed me and have memory can remember this.

When the Republican Party primaries were taking place, the opponents of the Republicans, the traditional left media and famous columnists had an irresistible enthusiasm, because they felt that the Primaries would be won by Trump. An atypical candidate and, in the judgment of the establishment, the easiest to defeat by the Democrats led by Hilary Clinton.

As soon as the electoral race between Trump and Hillary began in the USA, the idea was created that Hillary's victory would be a mere formality.

In all traditional media, Trump was described as crazy, a monster, a weak candidate, etc.
This propaganda dominated so much that even a crazy politician from a "village" in Southeast Europe had the courage to appear on CNN and say that Trump is a danger to the world, he is crazy...

Meanwhile, I constantly saw that in the new means of communication on the Internet, the social networks Facebook and Twitter - Trump totally dominated the campaign. Citizens liked him, and created high interactivity in his posts.

He was speaking to the Americans directly, explaining his project and promises, they believed and liked him.

In the end, it turned out that Trump's campaign, even though it was censored in the traditional media, was very efficient in social networks and defeated one of the heaviest weights of American politics, such as Hillary Clinton.

This was later proven with the unprecedented censorship of President Trump on social networks. America's biggest shame in the last century as a country of free speech.

Come to Tirana. Electoral race for the largest City Hall in the country.

Belind Kelliçi, a young man with a completely unique, original political articulation, faces Erion Veliaj, who is seeking a third term.

Have you seen Belinda who has a completely original articulation style??? He doesn't imitate a corner, he speaks simply, he goes among the citizens of Tirana and talks to them about 'earthly' projects, simple and feasible.

But what else is going on with the 2016 US election campaign?

Belindi himself, his promises, the people who support him are censored in an unprecedented way by the traditional media. At first he was totally underestimated as a candidate. An attempt was made to convince the people that there is no competition in Tirana. That Veliaj wins, etc., etc.

But just like with Trump, Belindi gained more and more ground in social networks every day, even there competing as unequal, either in terms of financial means, or in terms of human resources compared to the opponent.

"Despite the use of state resources in the virtual campaign for the local elections, the message of the Socialist Party (Veliajt) in the race for the key municipalities of Tirana is not echoing as expected on 'Facebook.'", writes Besar Likmeta in his analysis in related to the dominance of Kelliç in social networks.

According to the data of 'Crowdtangle', researched by BIRN, for the first three weeks of the election campaign, they show that Veliaj has received fewer views on his electoral videos on 'Facebook' compared to former deputy Belind Kelliçi, who has 71 thousand followers.

From April 14 to May 5, Këlliç recorded 4.01 million views (video views) on Facebook, compared to 3.17 million views recorded by mayor Erion Veliaj.
This has prompted Veliaj to spend up to 2,000 dollars a day on Facebook ads.
So, even though he has half a million followers on Facebook, and Kelliçi only 70,000, the latter is still more productive and people's favorite.

Even though traditional media tried to censor and hinder him, Belind Kelliçi managed to defeat them. His promises, his public communication stuck, created a chemistry with the public and overcame censorship.

Will this translate to a vote on May 14? As in the case of Trump, I believe so, but of course I also know that we are in Albania, where the vote is bought, pressured and blackmailed against the administration and stolen.

Kelliçi has won the battle where this does not happen (on the network), now he has to mobilize to strongly defend the will of the citizens of Tirana and if he does this, of course it will happen the same way as with Trump in 2016. All indicators are the same.

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