Choreographic campaign

2023-05-04 20:15:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Choreographic campaign
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

The prime minister jumps. The head of the majority parliamentary group jumps. The candidates for mayor dance. what is this gas and this joy? What happened to the toy jumping from Monday to Monday?

Was the long-awaited source of oil discovered in Shpirag and goodbye to aunties?

Has the gold treasure of Ali Pasha Tepelena been found?

Could it be that 10 thousand Indians/Sri Lankans have expressed their desire to work during the tourist season in Albania and we solved the problem of leaving the workforce?

Haven't we found and caught all the incinerator bullies?

We failed to understand why the euro and the dollar depreciate against the lek?

Hasn't the decision been made to speed up Albania's EU membership?

Is the war in Ukraine over? Just as it is a shame to protest when there is a war, it should be a shame to dance when it is expected that the war will enter the final phase?

Why isn't there a day when we don't have a dance?

People, since ancient times, have danced to express joy and happiness. They danced at weddings, they danced to have fun, they danced to forget their troubles.

The question is why are we jumping on the campaign trail? Campaigns are the occasion to lament problems and to give them solutions.

It seems that either there is no problem to solve in this country, or we have found the solution to the problems - vallen.

It's the occasion to remember the saying: when you pay o ho ho, when you pay o bo bo.

Party ok. But let's forget the free party.

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