Broken to the core but sovereign over America, England and the West...

2023-05-04 16:09:00, Opinione CNA
Broken to the core but sovereign over America, England and the West...
Lawyer Kreshnik Spahiu

33 years after the overthrow of communism, the ghost of sovereignty against the whole planet, but reappears again in Albania. The communist boy of 1968, Sali Berisha, loyal to the party who fought and was elected 50 years ago as secretary of the ALP in Albanian hospitals, but restores the former cause, but unlike Enver Hoxha who declared sovereignty over east and west, against Russia and America, against China and Europe, his student Berisha has announced the theory of sovereignty only against the West, America and England.

- After destroying all military MIG aircraft and selling them for scrap,

- After destroying the entire railway system throughout the country,

- After destroying and melting the entire naval fleet and submarines,

- After opening all the weapon depots and emptying every crate of ammunition,

- After blowing up the dismantling factories.

The man who left his country without planes, without tanks, without ships, without submarines, without trains, without helicopters, without missiles, has remembered to ask America that Albania is a sovereign country.

Sali Berisha, who in 1997 left the American embassy amid bullets and helicopter evacuation at the Qemal Stafa Stadium, yesterday declared that he expects the US to apologize to him.

The man who led Albania in 1997 to be protected by UN peacekeeping forces from civil war and armed rebellion declares that Albania is sovereign.

Berisha reminds America and England of the sovereignty of the two main liberators of the second Albanian state who gave Kosovo sovereignty when Berisha and his team not only did not fire a single rifle for Kosovo's freedom but helped Serbia with oil by breaking the embargo.

What sovereignty is this man talking about when today Ukraine, Poland, Romania or Moldova, although 100 times bigger and stronger than Albania, would have lost their sovereignty in 24 hours if the USA and England were not on their side.

Does this man know that Germany loses its sovereignty for 1 week if America and NATO leave with its troops and Russia invades Europe.

The theory of sovereignty against America and England is an attempt against Albania and an anti-national mission.

Therefore, the call of the American envoy for the Balkans, Escobar, not to vote for Berisha and Meta, is not an interference in the sovereignty of a nation, but a patriotic defense of the integrity of the historical and strategic partner that Albania and Kosovo have.

But Berisha does not seek sovereignty out of naivety, but because he has an anti-American mission from those who financed his party for years to destabilize Albania and the Balkans.

If the deceased Konica were alive, he would write:

"Damaged, but sovereign"

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