Freedom of the Media and the rejection of the debate with Këlliç by Veliaj

2023-05-03 13:49:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra
Freedom of the Media and the rejection of the debate with Këlliç by
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The media in Albania is not free, because censorship is not only the tyranny, as the Pelasgians understand, it is also the buying of the media, and there are very few individuals or media that cannot be bought by politics.

Albania has been in an unprecedented electoral campaign for two weeks.

The main rival of Erion Veliaj in Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, has been censored in an unprecedented manner. It has been censored, among other things, by law and court decisions.

Edi Rama's government has stolen Belind Kelliçi's television time by robbing him of the party seal with an absurd court decision.

In addition, the main media in the country censor Këlli? even in the few spaces that belong to him.

And this censorship happens because the media are bought and placed under the hoof of Erion Veliaj's economic power.

As a fact for the public, Erion Veliaj's refusal to accept Belind Këlliç's invitation for a public debate is enough.

In which media you want, in which country you want, let's debate the program in front of the citizens, is Kelliç's call.

A call that fell on deaf ears.

Although in the polls conducted in the capital, it appears that 70% of the citizens demand a televised confrontation between Këlliç and Veliaj, the latter rejects and openly despises the request of the citizens.

There is no program, no ideas, and most importantly, he has not kept the promises he made to the citizens of Tirana.

That's why the citizens ask for him in a televised showdown, he therefore refuses.

If Albania were a country with media freedom, the media itself would force Veliaj to accept the debate.

This not only does not happen, but the media itself censors Kellici because it is afraid of Veliaj.

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