When they lie in the center of Tirana...

2023-05-13 17:48:00, Opinione CNA

When they lie in the center of Tirana...

It is not the first time, nor the last, that they lie with inaugurations. But no one expected that they would lie about the Pyramid as well. Two days before the end of the campaign, the Prime Minister and Erion Veliaj inaugurated the Pyramid.

We are leaving aside that they have given 6 deadlines for completion, we are leaving aside that they have added funds to finish it. These are halal. But why should they lie about the inauguration?

The pyramid is closed and the work continues there by Indian or Sri Lankan workers. They filled Facebook with colorful photos. "Pyramid reborn" and hundreds of follow-up comments of hallelujahs and soufflaxhinjas on the Prime Minister's profile.

You are speechless in front of the insolence. With the naked eye, it seems that the space at the Pyramid is unlikely to be put into operation until at least the fall. But that matters little to this government. Called the government of facades, they have surpassed the "inventors" of facades, Potemkin.

The electoral code says that there are no inaugurations of public works 4 months before the elections. Who's asking? Logic says that you cannot inaugurate an unfinished business. Who's asking? It is enough to create the idea that we are doing works. 10 years and they haven't finished one thing at all. A work to serve. They only want facades, they only want very visible works, so they have thrown hundreds of millions of euros into city centers - to make photos and videos.

Investments that bring development - they have no idea. Making a rural road for them is a waste of time - they don't spend much time there themselves. Investing in agriculture makes no sense. What counts is only the appearance, facade, photo, postcard, spectacle, dance, tallavaja.

Serious jobs require serious people.

Those who did not want them in power have said 1000 things, but they themselves never thought that they would be able to lie, in the middle of the day, in front of the country and against all the people.

When they lie about the Pyramid in the middle of Tirana, how can you trust them about public affairs elsewhere.

They have been in power for 10 years and they have not closed two kilometers, only two kilometers of Tirana's ring road from "Shqiponja" square to "Pallati me Shigjeta" and what do they say: "we have been blocked by the opposition"... Oh my God! Keep our heads!

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