Lushnjara, save Lushnja!

2023-05-11 15:29:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Lushnjara, save Lushnja!
Ilir Levonja

In the Second World War, a team of American soldiers landed in Normandy with the mission to take the soldier named Rajan out of the battlefield. The reason was that his brothers had been killed at the front. The mission consisted in the fact that an American family would not be extinguished. This caused some rules regarding military service to be changed. You have this whole story in the movie Save Private Rajan 1998.

The same thing is happening with the city of Lushnje, a big name that is being publicly destroyed. Her public enemy is precisely the prime minister of the country, a delegated librarian named Taulant Balla, who eats beans in fire pots, Met Çela's pies and destroys day after day the institutions of the city of the luminaries of Albanian art.

It is a kind of Popovici who has landed to instruct the local government in the public hanging and warned. It has reached as far as delegating football coaches for a club that dates back to 1927. Fortunately, this football club has 100% of its own school from respected families of Lushnje.

Instead of privatizing it, they keep it under their wing and delegate trainers. This is the city of two great congresses, the Educational and the National Congress in the fall and winter of 1920, which produced a more democratic government than the present one, overseen by a high Council of Regency instead of a puppet President. It is the city with 3 socialist deputies and one democrat who are publicly guilty of this public destruction that today an entire theater could not be turned into a cultural academy, just as the public library cannot come close to any annual promotion even though there are big names of authors with national recognition.

They even say the name in a low voice. Not to mention the total annihilation of the painting galleries where even here there are names of heavy lead. Although an Albanian crossroads, the platform of the train station neither waits nor escorts one, just like the professional schools that once waited for students from Maqellara or Konispoli, today are derelict objects that even no MP knows where they are. I do not want to mention the Agricultural Institute because I have often mentioned its public murder.

Today there are 3 socialist deputies, but they are nowhere to be seen. They only exercise the duty of patron Nazis, and regardless of the public hanging of the city, they speak with the mouth of the nothing. Lushnja, which needs rural roads, for recycling plants, is second-rate. This trio deals with the Rama, Berisha, Meta quarrel. In fact, this doesn't matter to the gardeners at all, because none of them are gardeners.

But the trio talks about the non grata. Despite the fact that the city that produces tons of vegetables, fruits, fodder, is suffocated by Macedonian peppers. I saw in a television chronicle (Vizionplus) that the current mayor did not even know how to connect two words. Even in what he said, he thanked the government ten times for the financial assistance it gave in the construction of the so-called Fruit and Vegetable Market tents.

God save us, a first citizen who has not understood that local public investment is a local right and not a governmental one. Paris, Rome, New York were not made by national governments, but by local governments. O blind and unskilled soldiers of your sweat. Governments and if they give them, give them back your lek.

Lushnjara, save Lushnja. Even those of us who are far away insist on voting. For a public show like Big Brother, it was quite easy for Albanians to vote from where they were or where they were not, for the political vote this is a heresy. Save your city from the public hanging of Edi Rama and Taulant Balla. Before you love the politicians of the center, love yourself, respect yourself, your home, your tradition, your tribe. Lushnja is neither Edi Rama's nor Taulanti's, it is yours.

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