"Louise Aylli" phenomenon

2023-05-10 09:43:00, Opinione Albert Vataj
"Louise Aylli" phenomenon
Louise Ailey

He is Luiz Ajli, a typical Shkodran, talented and with an inexplicable ability to always be in the spotlight and grab an undeserved popular adoration.

He is at his peak, contemplating and enjoying what he has achieved. There is no more famous than him, today. It has violently snatched the brightness of a star, defying all the reign of the cult of the individual, which were quite a few. As a surprising television phenomenon, it has surpassed every goal and demolished every claim.

It is talked about everywhere where Albanian is spoken, and not only. Songs have been created and works of art dedicated to him have come to life. You dare not open the mass media network, because it is there in all possible curves. They love him madly and hate him to death. Everything extreme surrounds him.

What happened?

No one gives an answer to this question. There are those who ignore it as a television and social reality, but without being able to uproot it from the soles of today. He has managed to cast spells on even the most resistant of human alloys, making them his own.

He has not taxed everyone even though no one admits that he has contributed to this disparity happening, despite the variety of insults, ironies, cynicism and anathema delirium, that some wise heads have used as gasoline to extinguish the fire that took the world .

I'm not exaggerating if I say that this guy, not exactly through his fault but also because of his ability, has fooled, manipulated and amazed people to an almost inexplicable extent.

No "victim" of this zombism will be able to explain that he, a coward like Louis Aylli, has managed to steal not only the time but also the heart of many, many people.

A hypnotization of such proportions was, is and will remain for a long time a dethroned throne. What Louis Aille achieved, through this opportunity that was such for all those who lived with him in this super-supervised house, I do not believe has anything to do with the format, but with the individual himself.

Thus, it would be naïve on my part to believe that this guy, despite his artistic and intellectual vitality and integrity, would be able to, through an additional sense, charm such a large number of people of similar types and characters. and different from each other.

I doubt that this magnetization refers to Louis Aile's ability; as a singer, much less as a dancer, as an elecuen in a debate, much less as a comic, as a gallant cavalier in devotion, much less as selfless in a relationship. He is not perfect in anything, just as his relationship or routine communication with the other residents of the Big Brother VIP house does not remain strictly correct.

What he is, he himself is not able to tell us, but what he achieved was enough to shock everyone, the wise and the lost.

"Louise Aylli" phenomenon

Needless to say, Luiz Ejlli is not only the winner of the second edition of Big Brother VIP Albania, but remains the most atypical phenomenon of this television event. It managed to push the limits of what is possible for a RealityShow, not only capturing a historical interest, absolutely unrivaled for a long time, but also installing in the collective consciousness a model of worship, something quite different from the consumption of television time cooking and serving .

No one would believe that such a character would catapult so high in the sky of fame. Few of us manage to decipher through a rational logic, how this human phenomenon was transformed into a phenomenon. Naturally, the experts can and should have something to say, but nevertheless, he, Louis Aylli, will remain undeciphered, because of how he became an icon.

I am not of the opinion that among those who have something to say, all can be said, because not a little, this outline has tried and succeeded in scaling all the limitations of the reasoning eloquence in possession. Those who will shrug their shoulders, as well as those who will surrender, with the denial of an affirmation, will leave behind much mystery. This is not for Louis Aile's ability as a Big Brother VIP housemate to be super vital in a cohabiting relationship, nor for the way the algorithm defies collective logic, but for an exception that defies the rule.

Louis Aylli is a reason to be considered and treated as a phenomenon. How he captured the interest of millions is a surprise, but not a bolt from the sky. He was not the first, nor will he be the last, to challenge himself in such a RealityShow format. But its achievement for a relatively long time will remain uncontested and this in opposition to all prerequisites.

Luiz Elji is already a television, social, social and psychological phenomenon.

"Louise Aylli" phenomenon

Perhaps it is not necessary to use it as a social guinea pig, to discover the secrets of how this VIP turned into everything that this format was.

He does not claim that he deserves to grab all this sky of fame, but he has no reason to hesitate to accept himself as a trigger in this televised event and affection. Everything that has already become his property cannot be ruled out as a choice of fate. In him as a man, as an artist, as a social being, there is nothing extraordinary, but the way in which he penetrated to take a place so deeply in the adoration of people, regardless of gender, age, social or religious affiliation, is not entirely simple. to be explained.

For the superstitious, Louis Aile is a touch of fate, a human will, which in a defiant confidence transforms the potential energies of the universe into the power of today, to seize a throne in the pantheon of fame. 

Worshiped as a divine will of man, as he was hated and brutally attacked, yet he managed to rise far above the reach of any malevolent shot and tumultuous mud. Regardless of how one party thinks and judges another, he was where no one could be rewarded before, he climbed high, very high, walking the ladder that our worship raised. 

"Louise Aylli" phenomenon

Now that Big Brother VIP 2 has closed the curtain, announcing the winner of one of the most atypical residents of this house, Luiz Ejlli, what remains to be treated as a phenomenology is undoubtedly this resident, who for so many days turned into a phenomenon, regardless of how it was presented, how it was attacked and how it always remained at the top of the classification as the most favorite resident of the Big Brother VIP house.

All this is something that deserves attention and exhaustive treatment, perhaps not so much to dethrone him, as to find a rational explanation in the irrational way, how he managed to climb so high, how he became a television phenomenon, as much as a logical exception.

He was and remained to the end a Shkodran who deserved and received a defiant support, not so much for provincial affiliation, as for the talent and ability to show how life's battles can be won with tolerance, generosity and vital spirit ./ CNA.al

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