Voting, as civic, political responsibility, maturity and vision!

2023-05-09 21:19:00, Opinione Ardi Stefa
Voting, as civic, political responsibility, maturity and vision!
Ardi Stefa

53 years ago I was born in Vlora.

My father lived in this same city almost 40 years before me.

It is not the first time that I write and humbly ask for responsibility, political and civic responsibility.

Because these elections should be the first historical evidence of the birth of civic responsibility.

These elections are perhaps the first step we take to understand that we should not expect democracy as a gift from others. A big step that we take as a people, to understand that our rights as free citizens must be earned with citizen attitudes, that freedom deserves.

These elections should prove that Albania is no longer the scared, hungry and sick Albania of the long years of the communist dictatorship. It is no longer that Albania that, tired of the long dictatorship, filled the squares to demand "Freedom and Democracy, Justice, Prosperity and Free and Inalienable Vote"!

These elections should remind our rulers that the time has come for us to give up stealing elections for the sake of power and for free and fair elections to guarantee the freedoms and basic rights of citizens. with the rule of law.

They say that civic irresponsibility breeds regimes, while political irresponsibility breeds chaos and destruction. You can't help but remember this, when you see how our rulers react, frightened by the birth of civic responsibility. Instead of rejoicing at this awakening of the civic consciousness of their people, our rulers lose the thread so much that they threaten the citizens because they woke up from a long hibernation.

It has been so many years that the rulers of the sect quarrel and make the next bargain to divide the public properties and the properties of the owners shot by the dictatorship in the shadow of the state offices.

For years, this sect that misrules Vlora and Albania divides the people into "their own" and "opponents", which counts the millions stolen from the public wealth; which destroys the economy and expels the Albanians.

Because the political irresponsibility of our transitional rulers is screaming. It has always relied on the irresponsibility of the citizens themselves, especially in the way citizens vote, that's why they lose their balance so badly, now that civic responsibility is emerging, that they threaten that without them and after them, the disaster will happen.

The birth of civic responsibility is necessarily not for the benefit of the powers and regimes, but for the benefit of the implementation of the basic rights and freedoms of citizens, which are implemented and protected by the rule of law. The rule of law, which our rulers neither recognize nor accept, because they have grown up with the thirst to throw in their hands the tongs of unlimited power, because they have grown up with the thirst to rule. Because now they cannot swear "For the ideal of the Party!", but for Money, even the parties have turned them into private enterprises to increase Money.

Because with money they are buying votes to keep power, with money they are buying the media to keep power, with money they are also buying personal friends in international institutions to get and keep power at any cost and at any price, personal friends, who forget basic human rights and freedoms and remember only the sick desires of the sect.

They say that when you lie to me once, it's your fault, but when you lie to me the second time, it's my fault.

Today we are smart enough to know what and for whom we vote!

Therefore, today the only weapon we have, the VOTE, must be used with responsibility, maturity and consideration.

The vote must prove our moral and political integrity!

Therefore, the vote must be cast in the box with civic responsibility, with political responsibility, with responsibility for our children and future generations, for the homeland that we will leave to them.

We must vote responsibly and without being scared by the noise, nor by the jokes, insults and intimidation of those who see the intervention in Vlora as a cosmetic that ruins the city and not a management strategy.

We must vote for those who commit that the municipality will serve them and you will not serve them. Let's vote for the opposition candidates who are committed to a city for all citizens and in the hands of citizens, for a clean, friendly, humane city that respects history and traditions.

And our responsible vote will bring Change!

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